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Tethered Cars


David Giles  Tethered Model Car Racing from 1937 to the present day  History A glimpse into tethered car racing in Britain

Long Lost Tracks

British Tracks List and links Lyon Couzon au Mont D'or France
Nottingham MRCC   Photo's from their Gamston track Dieppe France
Sunderland MCC Barley Mow Park

Club de Modelisme de Cachan Paris France

Derby MRC Raynesway Landikon Zurich Switzerland
Bolton MES Leverhulme Park Save and Larje Ring, Göteborg Sweden
Medway Club Chatham track AMCA  Stade Jules Verne Algiers

Car Photo Archive

Joe Riding's Scrapbook Roland Salomon's Albums
Lyndon Bedford's ETA Album European Championship Woodside UK 1954


Major British suppliers of tethered car equipment Ten-Sixty-Six Products Company History
M & E Models  Exmouth based car and model company Ten-Sixty-Six Products  MRC and Conquest Cars
Rowell Motors   A history of this Dundee company E & M Cars  The Experimental and Model Co.
Rowell Motors  High performance cars and engines from Scotland Replica Ltd  Guy Rickard and his company
Oliver  Cars and engines that dominated the sport Z N Motors  E P Zere and his company
FRC  A unique find MASCO Another Douglas Russell venture
Electra Pioneer Sid Smith and his company from Chatham Wilma  The story behind this mass produced Lithuanian car

Engineers, Enthusiasts and Clubs.

Gerry Buck  A modelling legend. Cars, boats, planes, trains and more Surrey Model Racing Car Club  A history
Ian and Ivy  Moore  A racing partnership Arthur Weaver  North London Maestro + Updates
Bernard Manley  Discovery of his cars and racing record  Fred Jones.  Discovery and sale of his cars
Lucy Gascoigne’s MG  ‘Record Breaker’.

A Remarkable and Mysterious MG  A Pitbox Special

Les Williamson  Cars and career uncovered Carl Wainwright Prolific Leicester Club builder of scale cars
Leslie Hancox's  MG TC Midget Harry Rae and a Craftsman Twin
Eaton Bray and D. A. Russell  The story of the Sportsdrome Jim Dean, Double European Champion. Discovery of his car
Brayshaw Park, Blenheim, New Zealand Gianmauro Castagnetti  Super Slabang
  Gianmauro Castagnetti  Recreation of the Oliver Twin
Empty Spaces  Fred Kirschner Empty Spaces  Serge Holc
Empty Spaces  Adi Malik Empty Spaces  Dick Roberts, Mats Böhlin, Priit Hoyer
Empty Spaces  Rich Democh Empty Spaces  Keith Bragg & Dieter Hecht
Empty Spaces Ted Maciag Empty Spaces  Heinz Bach
Empty Spaces  Lothar Runkehl Empty Spaces  Ron Clydesdale
Empty Spaces Peter Rischer Empty Spaces  Mikhail Ossipov

Builds and Restorations

The Cruickshank MG Magic Midget   Building a pioneer Steve Betney   Miles ED Replica and OHC Austin 744
Russell SS100 The original car and a superb replica from Gary Maslin Steve Betney  D Type Jaguar, Rail Car, Pratley ERA, Mills Micro car
Galeota Beginners Car  Another of the pioneers from Gary Maslin Steve Betney  Cooper Climax, Stanley Steamer and Simple race car
Dave Cunliffe  Berreta Rosso replica Steve Betney  Lotus 49, Lotus Mk IX, Lakester, Facel Vega
 John Goodall  Building and running retro tethered cars Steve Betney  Byra and Vega cars
John Goodall Slabangs, Mystery, Mercedes, ZN Steve Betney  1951 ETA 29.  Cox Byra/ Champion
 John Goodall Harry Howlett Oliver, car detailing, simple fuel cut off Busy Birth of the 'Tiger'
John Goodall Oliver Busys and a replica motor The Killer'  Rebuilding a legend
John Goodall  Aircars, Building the Aries Work Bench  Lockdown Special  &  Track Day Special
John Goodall Salvaging a Melcraft Work Bench Buying a tethered car by accident
John Goodall  Rebuilding an M&E Wasp Lockdown Saga Tales from a garret workshop
John Goodall Swedish Reminisences Ian Wingfield  Building a simple rolling road
Paul Harris  Easy build tether car chassis Auto Union  Salvatore Angeloni and Marino Vavassori


Spares Page Sources of parts ResourcesWhere to find out more
Redfin Project  The cars and motors from Alex Phin Steve Betney Aircars
Pavels Sarigins  Russian commercial cars and engines Timers  'How fast does it go mister?
Gearboxes What was available Redfin Converting Redfin 'sneaker' valves

Modern Scene

Racing Tethered car racing homepage Retro Racing Club Club information and track day reports
BTCA  British Tether Car Assoc. from David Giles  Buckminster First season at the new track
David Giles  Latest E3 tether car and British record Buckminster Tether Cars  Event reports
David Giles  Winning the  1979 European Championship Buckminster Tether Cars  Guidlines for running cars at Buckminster
Mark Osborne  Building a Class V tethered car  Oliver Monk  'A bit of a saga'. The road to a record
Ian Wingfield Building a rolling road Oliver Monk  A car for Buckminster
Mats Böhlin  Late tethered car champion Oliver Monk  Digital Timing Device, the technical details
John Goodall  Racing Old Timers in Sweden  
Oliver Monk's  Workshop Ramblings on preparing tethered race  cars     2013     2014     2015    2016     2017     2018     2019   2020   2021  2022

Electric Tethered Cars

Journey into electricity Exploring Electric Tether Cars Antonio Della Zoppa Developing an electric tethered car

Pit Box

Cars rediscovered  Index to pages