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 Pit Box Extra

Lorenzo Penna

A name that appeared regularly in articles and results form Italian meetings in the early 1950s was that of Lorenzo Penna from Turin. As well as a competitor who built his own cars he built engines commercially that a number of other competitors were using. He is better known for his Dooling inspired Penna 10 seen below, both with logo and without. Another of his 10cc motors, Il Pantera, also features on a regular basis, although this glow motor owed much less to any existing engine and had a straight venturi. The Penna 10 was available in two versions, the P10 Tipo Normale with plain big end and rotary valve bushes at Lit 16,500 and the P10 Tipo Speciale with roller bearing big end and ball bearings to the rotary valve at lit 18,500.

 Dooling inspired Penna 10 in glow form and with what appears to be a McCoy contact breaker assembly

Presumably Penna started building engines to use in tethered cars as he was building his own, almost scale cars, to compete with. These featured clutches and gearboxes and were described in some detail in Modellismo. A later venture that still survives is shown below and is a real engineering tour de force as the entire rear exhaust motor, transmission and gear case is one integrated unit. This unit is then attached to a conventional front half. A fascinating piece of lateral thinking?

Lorenzo Penna vanishes from results after just a few years, although his motors carried on for a while, but judging by the engine below, turned his attention to aircraft motors with this 2.5cc example that keeps the Dooling style bypass and ported piston. It bears more than a passing resemblance to his Il Pantera, although 1/4 the capacity.

Our thanks go to AK for allowing us to use these photographs and supplying us with information. Google translate and Modellismo for results and articles by Penna