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On The Wire

Any enquiries regarding tethered cars, hydros or engines  to Lynn at  otwmedia0@gmail.com

Tethered Hydroplanes

www.antiquemodelaircraft.co.uk Material from the collection of the late Alwyn Greenhalgh
www.heatonmodelboats.co.uk Heaton Model Power Boat Club, go to Gallery for tethered hydro photos
www.kwpmbc.club Kingsbury Water Park runs hydro section and regattas
https://vmsc.home.blog Victoria Model Steamboat Club
www.mpba.org.uk MPBA, Model Power Boat Assoc.
www.naviga.org NAVIGA, worldwide model boat organisation
www.raceraupylone.free.fr    Website of  Swiss competitor, Gilbert Huguenin includes several plans
www.prop-shop.co.uk  Supplier of tethered hydroplane and other boat props

Tethered Cars

www.amrca.com                            AMRCA, American federation
www.mitecars.com Mite Cars, vintage gas powered miniature race cars
www.nytimes.com New York Times article, from Scott Clydesdale
www.nytimes.com Article on spindizzies with video links
www.smru.nu                             SMRU, Sweden model race car union
tethercar.blogspot.co.uk         Linbil Swedish tethercar site
www.swissmodelcarclub.ch  Swiss Model Car Club site
www.speedmodelcar.com Speed Model Car, modern racing scene
www.rg-schwarzwald.de.tl           RG Schwarzwald, German club website with lots of history content
www.youtube.com                          Video 2010 European Championship, Kapfenhardt
www.youtube .com Buckminster and Retro Club tether car track action
www.tethercar.net  American enthusiast Guy Martin's site.
www.tethercar.com                  Gary Barnes' galleries (ex K&G Enterprises)
www.trcaa.org TRCAA, Australian tether car association
www.hmc-hannover.de           Hannover club site
www.homepage.hest.ethz.ch  Daniel Kiechl's tethered car homepage
www.shop.silnyi.ru  Lev Shprints tethered cars, parts and materials
www.britishpathe.com News reel clips and still photos of tethered cars, hydro's and ME exhibitions
on both these sites.   Use search facilities to locate relevant items.


www.bamopro.co.uk Barton Model Products a multitude of 2nd hand engines
www.gildings.co.uk Gildings Auctioneers, hold an annual engine sale
www.pbase.com John Lichnerowicz Lots of material related to ETA, Oliver and others
www.modelenginenews.org  Model Engine News, recommended, lots of info.
www.modelenginecollectors.org Model Engine Collectors Assoc. Worldwide Collectors Organisation
adriansmodelaeroengines Canadian model engine enthusiast and historian
www.redfinengines.com Retro twinshaft and other diesel motors
www.joliverengines.co.uk  New Steve Fardon, Oliver engines back in production


Vintage Pond Yachts Mark Russell on Star Yachts and other links