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August 2021

View from the Pylon

OTW's   Monthly musings

Photo Of The Month The 'godfather' of International tethered hydroplane racing
Pit Box 2021 In the 'spirit' of a Shadow
Market Place Projects and castings galore
Tight Lines Full report and results from Retrofest
Kingsbury Water Park July hydroplane regatta
Buckminster tethered cars July track and speed day
Hall Farm Lake July regattas
Retro Racing Club Aircar antics and a piece of history
Oliver Monk Work Bench on building bodies and some timely advice
Tight Lines New tethered car track
Tight Lines John Goodall modifies a pod and boom aircar
Long Lost Tracks UK Medway track location
Tight Lines Old Warden July Modelair


July 21   Hydros~Modern Album  Two trips to Poitu Charente
July 21     Paul Windross  Still in the pursuit of speed
July 21 Article   John Goodall  A simple fuel cut-off
July 21 Reort Hydros~Modern Kingsbury Water Park  First regatta for 18 months
July 21 Report   Buckminster tethered cars  'Have a try' and track days
July 21 Report Hydros~Modern Home Farm Lake  June regattas
July 21 Report Hydros~Modern Victoria Park  June regatta
June 21 Article   1066 Products  Company history
June 21 Article   1066 Products  The engines
June 21 Article   1066 Products  The cars
June 21 Report Cars~Retro Retro Racing Club  First track day of the season
June 21     Gianmauro Castagnetti  A selection of superb replica engines
June 21 Report Hydros~Modern Hall Farm Lake  First two regattas at this new venue
June 21 Report Hydros~Modern Victoria Park  First regatta of the season
June 21   Cars~Modern Antonio Della Zoppa  Further work on the electric tethered car
May 21    Article   Lockdown Saga Pt II  The saga and the lockdown continues
May 21 Gallery Cars~Retro Car Photo Archive  Roland Salomon's Albums
May 21 Article Cars~Retro John Goodall  Making dummy scale windscreens
May 21 Article Cars~Modern Buckminster Tethered cars  Season opener
Apr 21     Long Lost Lakes  Ornamental Lake, Southampton
Apr 21 Article   Lockdown Saga Tales from a garret workshop Pt I
Apr 21   Cars~Modern Buckminster Tether Cars  2021 calendar and competitions
Apr 21 Article   Oliver Monk  Workshop and kitchen table 'Ramblings'
Mar 21   Cars~Retro Long Lost Tracks  Leverhulme Park, Bolton
Mar 21 Gallery Cars~Retro Car Photo Archive  Joe Riding's Scrapbook
Mar 21   Cars~Retro John Goodall  Replica Oliver Tiger twinshaft prototype.
Feb 21 Article   Work Bench  Genesis of a Track Day Special
Feb 21     Long Lost Lakes Woburn Bedfordshire
Feb 21   Cars~retro Buckminster Tether cars Steve Betney with rules and advice for retro cars
Jan 21   Cars~Retro Spares Page  JDR Paris Lancia D50 castings
Jan 21 Article Cars~Retro John Goodall  Harry Howlett treatment for an Oliver Mercedes
Jan 21   Cars~Modern Tethered cars  Revised 2021 race schedule
Jan 21   Hydros~Modern Tethered hydros 2021 regatta calendar
Jan 21   Cars~Modern Buckminster tether cars  Building the track and the first season
Jan 21 Article Cars~Modern Buckminster Tether Car Group  Latest news and 2021 track dates
Jan 21 Article Cars~Modern Antonio Della Zoppa builds an electric tethered car
Jan 21 Article Cars~Modern A journey into electricity
Dec 20 Article Cars~Retro John Goodall  ZN rarity, the finishing touches
Dec 20   Cars~Retro Steve Betney  Works in progress
Dec 20   Engines Rowell Motors  NIB Mark I
Nov 20   Cars~Retro Spares page  E&M bodies from John Goodall
Oct 20 Gallery Cars~Retro Retro Club Gallery  Photo selection of the rare and unusual from Gt Carlton

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