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May 2024

View from the Pylon

OTW's   Monthly musings

Photo Of The Month The Lehman brothers
Pit Box 2024 A M&E with a history
Market Place Two rare cars with even rarer motors + reductions
Album A selection of rare and interesting motors
Fred Carter Update Another Carter Checksfield McCoy with a long history
Pitbox Extra Unique Class 2 car from Ossipov & Maslonkin
Empty Spaces Mikhail Ossipov
Buckminster Tether Cars SAM Spring Gala
More Fred Carter Johnny Hall's record breaker + Another McCoy and CCS
Gianmauro Castagnetti 'Super Slabang'
Gianmauro Castagnetti Oliver and ETI replicas
Gianmauro Castagnetti Recreation of the Oliver twin and car


April 24 Article Engines Fred Carter  The man and his motors
April 24   Engines ZN Motors   Update. The ill fated ZN engine project
April 24 Article Cars~Retro Salvatore Angeloni  Bernd Rosemeyer's Auto Union
April 24 Article Engines Dave Smith  AD 09 aero  and more on Alberto Dall'Oglio
March 24 Article Cars~Retro Dean Update  Jim Dean and Ken Bedford 5cc cars
March 24     Tight Lines  International Swapmeet Gallery
March 24     Tight Lines  Philipp Meier on the swapmeet and Model Expo
March 24 Article   Oliver Monk Workshop Ramblings  'Stopping device', more on the Moore #11
Feb 24 Article Cars~Retro ZN Motors  Update with exciting new discoveries
Feb 24 Gallery   Retro Racing Club  Retrospective as the curtain came down
Feb 24 Gallery Cars~Modern Buckminster Tether Cars  2023 photo gallery
Feb 24     Pit Box Extra  Lorenzo Penna
Feb 24 Article Cars~Modern Oliver Monk Workshop Ramblings  Wheels galore
Feb 24     Empty Spaces  Alberto Dall'Oglio
Jan 24 Article Cars~Retro Pitbox Special  M&E collection by accident
Jan 24 Article Cars~Modern Oliver Monk Workshop Ramblings  Setting up a car and two Ian Moore #11s
Dec 23     Calendar  More dates for 2024
Dec 23   Cars~Modern Oliver Monk's Workshop Ramblings  Plugs and traction
Dec 23     Empty Spaces  Peter Rischer
Nov 23 Article Cars~Modern Oliver Monk's Workshop Ramblings  Setting up an engine
Oct 23 Article Cars~Modern Wilma  The story behind the car and name. Updated
Oct 23     Empty Spaces  Ian Russell
Sept 23 Report Cars~Modern Witterswill Switzerland  72nd European tethered car Championships
Sept 23   Hydros Pit Box Update  Antonio Della Zoppa adds details about his unusual hydro
Sept 23     Empty Spaces  Mike Drinkwater
July 23 Report Cars~Modern OTW Spring tour  Tethered car competitions in Europe
May 23 Article Engines Electra Pioneer  The story of this Kent company

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