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Market Place

Free ads. for individuals wanting to advertise tethered car, boat and engine related items for sale and for specific items wanted. This will be a rolling page so that new items can be added or sold items removed at any stage of the month.

A few basic rules:- 

Ads. should have precise and accurate details of the items for sale, an asking price and a photo if available.
Contact details as you wish them to be displayed, @ can be replaced by (at) in an email address.
Wanted ads. must be for specific items,  catch all ads. will not be posted.
Please notify OTW when items are sold so that ads can be amended.   otwmedia0@gmail.com

Inclusion of an advert does not imply any endorsement by OTW, responsibility for the accuracy of descriptions or for any subsequent communications with advertisers.    


Laser Cut axles from John Goodall:

Laser cut spring steel easy fix front axles with attachment holes approx.95mm (4”) long x 8mm (5/16“) wide on the beam x 0.80mm (1/32”) with 3.5mm fixing holes and 2mm rivet holes for axles hubs. £6 each inc P&P or £5 collected at meets etc.

 John Goodall 01283 713715 or email john@johngoodall.me.uk

From Peter Pring: More stuff to sell!

Build your self a 5 cylinder air car. Bought this after a bang on the head but have now come to my senses. Have not run this myself, could be for the brave.£100+post

Books: British Tethered Cars and Components, (Retro Racing Club) Miniature Racing Cars (Arthur Suhr) Model Race Cars (GB Reprint) £25+post Books now sold
                                    email pjpring@btinternet.com



For sale from Ian Russell: I realise I've got three other car motors which I would build before getting to this Merco, and that does not include any aircars. Hence I've decided to sell. " Bought because I felt as a Merco man I should have it, but I'll never get to using it." 

Merco 61 Twinshaft Twin plug car engine. The second shaft is provided by grafting the front of a Merco 61 onto the back of a small case std. steel fin Merco 61. The motor currently will not turn by hand, and I've not warmed or forced it, nor dismantled it for inspection. £100 + post ".      email  rustler.aero(at)gmail.com

For Sale:

1/ Oliver twin shaft Mk2 cooling fins machined from bar stock, unlike originals which were cast and break. Complete with brass compression screw, made in NZ by Dean Clarke.  Price reduced, now £25 set plus £4.00 P&P

2/ Oliver Mk2 Tiger aero engine cooling fins machined from bar stock, unlike originals which were cast and break. Complete with compression screw, made in NZ by Dean Clarke. Price reduced, now £25 plus £4.00 P&P

John Goodall Tel 01283 713715  email john@johngoodall.me.uk

Trackmaster castings: Probably the last set of Trackmaster II castings that will ever be available. These have the advantage that the most difficult piece of machining, drilling the length of the back axle, is already done and the axle is built up.

A great example of a traditional American car of the 40s.
£200 plus postage

Contact Peter Hill email  arty.pole@gmail.com
Phone 01507 450325

For Sale:
Ohlsson & Rice 60 Front Induction motor             £45
1 Pair Mike Day ZN 3.5 diameter tyres and hubs   £40
1 Pair 3.6 diameter tyres (DB 92 x 45 x21)          £25
1 Pair Vega rear tyres 52mm diameter                £20
1 Pair front tyres Swedish 60 mm diameter          £15
Dooling F type front axle                                   £20
Postage and packing not included in prices

Contact Stuart: Phone 01234 825834  email: robinsons.10(at)btinternet.com

For Sale:
E&M Maserati body shells hand made in 16g alloy in two pieces and welded down centre. Two left which will respond to further polishing from the slight imperfections left by my limited hand finishing work. There will always be slight imperfections in hand made items. Better than the one you haven't got as my best friend would say?? £175 each plus mailing, or collection by arrangement. 
John Goodall Tel 01283 713715  email john@johngoodall.me.uk 
One now sold

I also have a few pairs of side rails for this car at £15 a pair plus mailing cost. They still have the protective plastic film on the outer face which peels off.

One pair only of original 1066 chassis side rails unused. Now sold

John Goodall Tel 01283 713715 or email john@johngoodall.me.uk  or collection by arrangement.



Wanted: A competent model engineer to complete a very historic model engine which I have owned for several years now and feel I do not have the ability to complete. It is the Weaver Vee twin four stroke intended to power a Morgan three wheel tether car.

The basic engine is as shown on page 35 of Motor Racing in Miniature. But the start of the cylinder head shown is missing.

Please contact:- John Goodall on 01283 713715 or email john@johngoodall.me.uk thank you


If interested in any of the following items, please contact Steve Betney at stevebetney@aol.com. Postage extra at cost on all items.

1. OK CO2 ENGINE. Interesting vintage OK CO2 single shaft car engine in excellent condition with driven wheel at £35. Use with a CO2 cartridge in the included original holder which pierces them, or buy the new separate pictured Gasparin tank with filler attachment and pipes for conventional operation using a large Sparklets gas cylinder with filler valve attachment for an additional £10. A piece of American model tethered car history.

2. OWAT Mk 1 5cc fixed compression diesel £150. This 1946 engine is in near new and original condition, serial number D348, with unmarked mounting lugs. The needle valve assembly is a serviceable replacement item, it came to me without one.

Many British tethered cars of the 1940s and early 1950s used this engine type, they do run OK, but with a bit of vibration.

3. EUREKA 2.5cc TWINSHAFT DIESEL £ 120. This is a New in Packaging Russian Eureka 2.5cc diesel engine complete with instructions, tool and spare gaskets as supplied.

These are very well made and powerful Eastern Block engines, of much higher revs, speed and manufacturing quality than the better known TEMP/RYTM types, and much cheaper than repro Oliver twinshaft types. Eureka now sold

ITEMS WANTED Any help to Steve Betney as above

AEROPICCOLA OR VEGA PARTS. Any castings, wheels, tyres or other parts, or project cars in need of completion or restoration for these nice Italian and French tethered cars are wanted please.

1066 GEARBOX 32DP 24T CROWN GEAR. Single gear, or 2:1 set of 12T plus 24T gears please.

SPUR GEAR ENGINE MOUNT CASTINGS. Any 5cc or 10cc spur gear castings please, and an old RRC SUPERSONIC car 10cc spur gear mount casting.

MODEL CAR MAGAZINE Issue no. 4 for January 1947 needed to complete my set.


SCALE 3.0” to 3.35” RUNNABLE RUBBER TYRES. Repro or vintage, but not Raylite or E D Speedicord types please.