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Market Place

Free ads. for individuals wanting to advertise tethered car, boat and engine related items for sale and for specific items wanted. This will be a rolling page so that new items can be added or sold items removed at any stage of the month. Commercial or regularly available items are to be found on the Spares page

A few basic rules:- 

Ads. should have precise and accurate details of the items for sale, an asking price and a photo if available.
Contact details as you wish them to be displayed, @ can be replaced by (at) in an email address.
Wanted ads. must be for specific items,  catch all ads. will not be posted.
Please notify OTW when items are sold so that ads can be amended.   otwmedia0@gmail.com

Inclusion of an advert does not imply any endorsement by OTW, responsibility for the accuracy of descriptions or for any subsequent communications with advertisers.    



For sale: From the collection of the late Jim Lee comes these five car projects that represent varying levels of work to complete, from serious engineering on the Dooling F to a restoration job on the teardrop. A quick scan through John Sanderson's catalogue reveals just what a bargain the Dooling Arrow is, with relatively little work required to complete this iconic model. 

Contact Paul Goodall for details of these cars and an extensive array of tethered car spares and components.
BAMOPRO phone  01283 713715 or mob 07738 115119

Dooling Arrow, complete Sanderson kit for a Fairabend style Arrow, including a complete
set of parts for a Dooling 61 motor. The
price represents a fantastic saving on the cost of the car parts alone. £650 Now Sold

McCoy style teardrop, complete as seen with Hornet engine and superbly engineered mount. Fuel and ignition system complete and correct tyre combination. £795 Reproduction Dooling Mercury Front Drive with detailing accessories. gearbox completed, just needs motor, fuel system ignition etc to complete.
Reproduction Dooling F project, Wheels and tyres, rail and cable front axles, plus radius arms, as seen £375. Suitable Hornet or McCoy 60 motors also available Unidentified chassis pan, spur mount, axles and wheels £250  

For sale: Another selection of desirable motors from the collection of the late Jim Lee. Dooling 29's Dooling 61's McCoy 61's Yellow Jacket 61( Aeroelectric) Nordec 60 plus a range of smaller 15 glows and diesels and miniature AH Doolings etc.

See BAMOPRO website for a selection currently on offer or contact Paul Goodall for details of engines and an extensive array of engine spares, ignition components, plugs etc.  phone  01283 713715 or mob 07738 115119

For Sale: From John Goodall comes the last opportunity to obtain one of his superb, hand beaten, ZN pan and body sets or a replacement E&M body, along with chassis rails for the car. The ETA engine is also an unusual motor and a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Eta 29 probably mostly Mk4 a Special and unique spark ignition engine
conversion possibly with McCoy front housing? I have decided the complication of coil and battery in my cars is not for me.

It is in good mechanical condition with very good compression for a ringed motor. £165 plus shipping cost enquire please.

John Goodall tel 01283 713715 or email john(at)johngoodall.me.uk

ZN 5cc sports car body for 5cc motors, the last I shall make as it is
getting too much for me now. £250 plus shipping cost.

Also a ZN 2.5cc Body, again I doubt there will be more after this one £195 plus shipping cost.

John Goodall tel 01283 713715 or email john(at)johngoodall.me.uk


I have recently had cast three ZN replica  5cc chassis pans after I was kindly loaned an original. One only is available at £37 plus shipping cost of £4.

John Goodall Tel 01283713715 or email 


I have one final E&M Maserati body and will not be making any more, so this is your last chance to obtain hens teeth. £175 plus shipping cost.
also have two sets of E&M chassis rails at £15 pair. Plus shipping cost.

John Goodall Tel 01283713715 or email john(at)johngoodall.me.uk

For details and photos of these otherwise unobtainable spares go to our spares page


For Sale:  Collection of the late Jim Lee

1/ Large collection of model car and full size car drawings (ex the late Jim Lee Collection), too much to post and collection advised, or delivery within a reasonable distance of South Staffordshire possible? £35 only for quick sale. Contact Paul Goodall via www.bamopro.co.uk phone  01283 713715 or mob 07738 115119.

2/ Large collection (ex the late Jim Lee Collection) of model engine drawings and mint copies, most still wrapped, of " Model Engine Collectors Journal", "Strictly IC" Model Engine mags both from USA and some photographs, again too much to post and collection advised, £100 only for quick sale. See contact details for Paul Goodall above. 

3/ Large collection (ex the late Jim Lee Collection) of Model Car spares, model engine spares, mostly McCoy and Dooling with some Hornet. Castings kits, model car kits and some complete model cars. I am attempting to produce detailed list in future, but contact me with specific needs please. Callers by prior arrangement only please. Contact details as above for Paul Goodall. 

4/ Large collection, well over 100, of mostly useable model car tyres (Ex the late Jim Lee Collection) List available shortly or give me your needs please for anything specific. Callers by prior arrangement only please. Contact details as for Paul Goodall above.

5/ I have many sundry items from the Jim Lee Collection such as spark plugs, coils, condensers, a few fuel tanks and gearboxes etc. Please enquire with specific needs to Paul Goodall, see contact details above                                                                 


For Sale: A truly 'unique' British tethered car From a member of the Pioneer Club

George King's exquisite hand built 10cc tether car. George built everything including the engine (except the tyres, which appear to be 1066 MRC). Superb as-run in all respects. Generous offers please around $4495 but willing to consider interesting cash/part trades especially Profi 4 stroke engines, Channel Island Special and Gannet 4 stroke engines.

Contact Ron Reiter ronreiter1(at)hotmail.com.