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Market Place

Free ads. for individuals wanting to advertise tethered car, boat and engine related items for sale and for specific items wanted. This will be a rolling page so that new items can be added or sold items removed at any stage of the month. Commercial or regularly available items are to be found on the Spares page

A few basic rules:- 

Ads. should have precise and accurate details of the items for sale, an asking price and a photo if available.
Contact details as you wish them to be displayed, @ can be replaced by (at) in an email address.
Wanted ads. must be for specific items,  catch all ads. will not be posted.
Please notify OTW when items are sold so that ads can be amended.   otwmedia0@gmail.com

Inclusion of an advert does not imply any endorsement by OTW, responsibility for the accuracy of descriptions or for any subsequent communications with advertisers.    

April 2024

New Additions  5th April

Huge collection of engines for sale: Scott Clydesdale is selling a large number of motors from the collection of his late father Ron Clydesdale.

Current list of over fifty motors from an Alpha and very rare AMA through the entire alphabet Doolings, ETAs, Fox K&B, Mamiya, McCoy, Nordec, OPS, OS, Picco, Rossi, Sabre, Taipan and more.

For a full PDF list with descriptions and condition please email Scott scottclydesdale(at)hotmail.com or OTW otwmedia0@gmail.com or go to the FEMA site speedmodelcar.org

March 2024

New Additions 23rd March

Another selection of Steve Betney's superbly built replica race cars and something most unusual, a tethered motorcycle. There is an exceedingly rare and complex motor lurking in one and an equally interesting motor in another. The cooper represents a 'ready to run' Buckminster proposition. For further details, please contact Steve via email  stevebetney(at)aol.com  High res images available via OTW otwmedia0@gmail.com

Nuova FAOR-based tethered motorcycle in nearly new  condition. You only get two wheels with this one (plus two new spare tyres). This big boys’ toy, high-end RC motorcycle is quite large, about 16” long by 10” high with the driver, and weighs 4 1/2lbs. It has been run on a track and is very stable, and its Sirio 12 engine emits an unmissable high pitched exhaust note through the pipe. This has been retrofitted with a Sullivan metal geared Roto Start mechanism to replace the original pull starter.

A spare new Sirio 12 glow engine is also available separately at £50 if wanted. A piano wire bridle is attached to two hard points on the chassis to balance the bike for track running, and there is a 2.4GHz RC receiver fitted, with 2 servos for throttle and brakes on the front wheel (the steering is locked for track running), and large NiMH battery. You will need your own 2.4GHz transmitter to run it. Finished all in matt black epoxy paint for a rather sinister look, and in excellent working condition, the price is £450.

1/8 scale Lotus 49 (Number 1). The build of this car was covered in my OTW article “Lotus 49: A Case of Creeping Elegance” in the Builds and Restorations section, so please refer to this if interested. It runs well on the track at a nice scale speed of about 30mph. The pull start on the interesting OS 12LD X engine was replaced by an upgraded, metal geared Sullivan Roto Start mechanism after first runs. Still in excellent condition, with just some slight honourable signs of track running to the body, price £900.

1/8 scale Lotus 49 (Number 2). This car was built following the OS 12 LD X version above to accommodate one of the (then) new Toyan FS S100A 4 stroke engines, fitted with an on-board electric starter. This is quite a chunky engine with its cooling fan and starter motor, so some anamorphic scaling of the car plan and side outlines was needed, whilst retaining the scale track and wheelbase. It starts very easily with a separate plug-in starter box (not provided, but if you want to make one, I can supply my spare Toyan ESC for £20 for you to do this). This car is heavier than the OS 12LD X version, but runs well on the track at about the same scale speed, and is also priced at £900.

1/12 scale simplified Cooper Climax Car. This car was built after I’d made a similar rail car version, this one for tethered track use with a TEMP twinshaft 2.5cc diesel engine. The simple flat plate chassis design subsequently inspired the Redfin Universal folded sheet chassis design for the new Redfin twinshaft engine. This Cooper car is covered in the OTW Builds and Restorations section in the “Come In, Number 35” article, so please refer to this if interested. The unused TEMP engine had terrible fits originally and would not start and run reliably, so was totally rebuilt internally with improved new replacement repro parts and better tyres from Pavel Pirov, and it ran well on the only track outing it had (the Redfins took over my attention), so it’s still in very clean and presentable condition, price £350. This car is now sold


February 2024

Readvertised 21st Feb

For Sale: Now with  a further reduction in price

Approx 1933 Meccano Constructor, clockwork kit car, superbly restored to virtually as new condition, in fact it is that good a restoration I thought it was a replica as most of the metal work is as good as new, but I am told none have been made. Comes with correct Meccano key and has a powerful clockwork motor with a not very efficient brake. Steering can be adjusted, by turning the steering wheel. Must have replica tyres as they are supple like new. Now £685 OVNO Any serious engine or car exchanges considered.   

Contact:- john(at)johngoodall.me.uk  or tel 01283 713715.

January 2024

For Sale: This lovely B Class team racer 'Double Dice'

Not our normal fare but this one was from the collection of the late Tony Higgins, a great engine and tethered car enthusiast. He was also seriously committed to the building of Merco engines for team racing.
This plane from the days when TR planes still looked like aeroplanes was built by Tony and has a Merco 29 fitted.
Now Sold

Contact Paul or John Goodall for all the following items
john(at)johngoodall.me.uk, or tel 01283 713715

Nelson 500 £200 Ohlsson Commemorative built by Herb Wahl with gold plated cylinder and head £199
1847 Edco Sky Devil .65ci £199 1947 Kemp 4.4 S11 £399
For sale: Unusual twinshaft conversion

The first of many twinshaft conversions commissioned from Alan Knight, built from existing engines or parts that will be available over the next months. Unfortunately this is due to the death of the owner so as with other items below are being sold on behalf of the family.

This eminently useable McCoy 29 based unit is priced at £185 +P&P

For sale: Another super twinshaft conversion

Again from the same commission and superbly engineered by Alan Knight is this twinshaft, this time based on a CS Oliver replica. Super compression and in as new condition. £199 +P&P

Contact Paul or John Goodall
or tel 01283 713715 

For sale: Original and complete Cox Thimbledrome with all the 'bits' undamaged and attached. The Cameron motor is the genuine article, not a Dummy hence the price £325 +P&P

Contact Paul or John Goodall email john(at)johngoodall.me.uk, or tel 01283 713715

For Sale: This car represents an almost unknown part of British tethered car history. In the late 40s and early 50s, importing American mite cars legally was prohibited but a member of the Chiltern Club came up with this alternative. The late and lamented F W Woolworth & Co were marketing a range of clockwork, toy cars. Remove the base plate and mechanism, replace with a plate base and an ED Bee or similar and there was a fun and cobby little car capable of 40mph.

This example is an original, British, Marx model with a VCG ED motor and four new Raylite wheels. Again being sold on behalf of the late owners family at £275, although, given the unusual nature of this car, offers will be considered.

Contact Paul or John Goodall email john(at)johngoodall.me.uk, or tel 01283 713715