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Photo Album

A Selection of Dooling copies

(and a couple of genuine ones to identify)

AMRO from Fritz Rolli and Otto Amrein Later version now just Fritz Rolli involved

Set of patterns by Jim Hampton for casting a 10cc hydro motor along the lines of a Dooling. Finished motor from the same patterns by Ted Harris below right. The original, die cast, Dooling was very fast in a hydro, but prone to blowing the crankcase apart if any water was ingested. 

This box of castings was unearthed in 2022 and found to be second generation as can be seen from the mounting holes in the lugs. No idea as to who had them cast though.

Box of 2nd generation castings Ted Harris' 10cc motor
Swedish Komet version 1 chill cast Version 2 was more of a direct, Dooling copy
Hydro motor by Dickie Phillips In 1955 beat record set by an original Dooling in 1951
Jimmie Jones of Birkenhead and Maghull Built replicas of Dooling, McCoy and Meteor motors

And now for the challenge. Which of the following six engines are actually products of the Dooling factory? One is an Arne Hende replica.

1 2
3 4
5 6
A true 'mystery' Origins unknown, but another  near copy
Lorenzo Penna's own engine, sans Logo Production motor with cast in logo

Well, did you work it out? 5 and 6 are the originals and 1 is the Hende