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Photo Album

A selection of programmes from regattas attended by Ted Vanner from 1910 through to 1913

Regatta at Victoria Park, October 1910

In 1908 for the first running of the Wembley Trophy and for interclub events the meeting were termed gymkhanas and involved steam, electric and IC powered boats as well as yachts with huge static exhibitions. Given that many of the boats were over 1.5 metres in length, these were impressive displays.

Notable Officials: Percival Marshall, publisher of Model Engineer and his brother Alfred.  George Gentry, Bill Blaney and Jim Crebbin, prolific contributors to ME. F A Mills builder of the Stentor range of engines and the Arkell brothers, known for their entirely fabricated and tiny four stroke engines and Moraima boats and of course, Ted Vanner already on to Leda III, although this was still the steam powered version.

The first ever organised speedboat meeting was at Wembley in 1908, but by 1910 it was being run in conjunction with the event at Victoria Park and awarded to the club running the fastest four boats during the day, two in either class, something of a problem for any club besides Victoria and Clapham?

Inter-Club Regatta at The Long Pond Clapham July 1911

Amazing list of officials including Wenman Bassett Lowke and Edward Hobbs, Secretary of the meeting and author of the first book dedicated to Model Power Boats, published just three years later, when the sport was still in its infancy. Every official identifiable via different coloured rosettes, eleven different colours in all.

Eight clubs represented with thirty four steam and petrol boats competing in six events, including the 'spectacular' event F. The list of prizes alone is impressive. Notable competitors include George Noble, the Arkell brothers and Weaver, all who held the outright speed record at times. This time round, Ted Vanner was running an earlier steam powered Leda entered in every competition except A. We particularly like the 'Spectacular Race', but note that 'no boat could take more than one first prize'.

Inter-Club Regatta at The Long Pond Clapham July 1912

The notes alongside the boat numbers would seem to indicate which of the events each was entered for. Simple distinction between classes, Restricted Racers under 1 metre and Unrestricted Racers. Both straight course and circular courses being used.

Again George Noble up from Bristol with three boats, Ted Vanner with three boats, the steam powered Leda III along with Wink-L-Pop and Whale, names not usually associated with him. His brother's details are obscured by the crease in the page unfortunately.

International Championship for yachts and motor boats at the Lac d'Enghien September 1913

The lake is a huge body of water, eight miles to the north of Paris. The meeting was organised by the MYCP, home club of Gems Suzor. Ted Vanner would carry two heavy boats and equipment by train and ferry, and as can be seen by his notes, was pretty successful. This  is an event that Ted would travel to many times in his career. The French regattas included classes for yachts - voiles. Moteurs, either steam - vapeur or IC- known delightfully as explosion motors.
Thanks to Peter Hill and Alan Whitehead for these mementoes of events held  well over 100 years ago.