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Photo Album

Collection of the late Miquel de Rancougne
Miquel was well known to enthusiasts right around the world for many years as an avid collector and dealer in tethered cars, engines and related items. With his work in the glass industry he had periods of residence in Belgium, the US, England and finally France, travelling extensively and acquiring items wherever he went. His collection though was very fluid as he bought, sold and traded constantly. Indeed, although some of the cars in the following album did appear at the sale in 2004, others did not and many cars that he was known to have bought must have been traded on. Despite his health problems he was seeking out deals to the end and even though he was very poorly he contacted us to say that he had 'some things for us' and invited us to visit him and his collection in the April, sadly, this was not to be so the only view of this extensive collection was at Christies and SAS. Although able to buy a couple of lots at the disposal sale, the amazing prices at Christies precluded even putting the paddle up once. Happily, over the years, much of the peripheral material and documentation that was discarded as being not of saleable interest has been donated to us enabling us to present the first of a series of albums from the collection of Miquel de Rancougne.
M&E Special and M&E Maserati McCoy Invader and Dooling Arrows  Temp and Vegas
Olivers and an ERA Pair of Vegas
 Semi scale Austin 750  1066 Conquest
 Vega Maserati  Carl Wainwright's Alfa
Original  ERA from Harold Prately design Another one that vanished along the way
FEMA cars plus a pile of cars in the background Mite Cars, M&E Wasps  and an ERA

 Thanks to Eric Offen, Ron Reiter, Steve Betney, the late Mike Beach and Justin Cookson for donating material