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Photo Album

Joe Riding's Photo Album
Joe Riding was a stalwart of the Bolton Club and tended to do most of his racing in the Midlands and North. He is best known for his two 'Snakey' 10cc cars and his use of Rowell engines. He was the first person to break 100mph with one of these British engines, developing his version to such a degree that it still holds the record for a British car and engine, set in 1952 at 115.83mph. The record breaking engine was an amalgam of parts from his original MkI Rowell, using the head and backplate on a MkII. The head because it was a better shape and the back end because of a fault in the casting. A full description of his cars, their construction and modifications of the Rowell engines was published in Model Maker magazine as were details of making a composite body using Cascamite glue rather than polyester resin as that was not freely available at that time in post war UK.

Contestants at the 1947 Meteor Club Open Meeting, Gerry Buck extreme right.
Opening day, possibly Ossett with news cameras strategically placed. Joe won the nomination event
1066 MRC with 'Buck' type starter at the ready Lt Col 'Goldie' Gardner with Lucy and Jack Gascoigne
Another 'Buck' 2A  Line up for concours judging
Pit boxes Gerry Buck's line up of models
Timekeepers and recorders, 1950s style Preparing 'Old number I'

Gerry Buck's original car, 'Old Number I' was regularly pressed into service to perform the official opening of tracks by a local dignitary, Mayor or Mayoress. With its centrifugal clutch it could be started and sent on its way to break the tape for the first official run as can be seen below where everyone waits expectantly.

Our thanks to James Riding for these super images and photos of Joe's medals recognising his long standing record. We hope to publish a number of cuttings from the album later in the year.