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Photo Album

E.A. (Ted) Vanner

Ted Vanner's model boating career began at the turn of the last century and lasted into the 1950s. A prolific builder of boats and engines throughout this time, some of which still exist. Over the years we have been donated a number of images of Ted and his boats that encompass his involvement, primarily straight running and straight line speed, but also putting his boats on a tether for the new fangled 'circular course' running. The heading photo shows Ted, second left, with 'All Alone' and 'Ledaette' with other Victoria Club members around the end of WW1.

Ted with tug 'Ida' believed to be in southern England Earliest known photo of Ted with model TBD 'Nile' in 1909


SS Star from 1907

The notes on the back of the Star photo reveal that Leda 1 made its debut in 1908 running at the Wembley Park regatta and that from then on into 1909 he built 2, 3 and 4, all steam powered. As soon as IC motors became available, Ted started to use these, mostly Belvedere's from W.J. Smith, the most famous of course being 'Leda 111', not the original as that was steam powered.

Leda 11 with the horizontal Belvedere motor Steam powered 'Ledaette' last heard of in Lancashire

Ted and his fellow Victoria members were great travellers, locally via horse drawn charabanc and further afield by train and even ferries. Imagine carrying two or three eighteen pound boats, tools, fuel and personal items on journeys to various parts of the country? His furthest foray was to Paris, first in 1913 and again 1n 1927 with Messrs Savage and Gascoigne

With 'Bon Ami' at the Tuileries 1927 prizes

Leda 111 was by far Ted's most successful boat with its Belvedere motor started by the twist of a key onto the end of the crankshaft. All of his early IC boats had horizontal engines with atmospheric automatic induction and cam controlled exhaust valve although he did convert at least one of these to have both valves cam operated.

Leda with its 'key start' Aiming for the 'bull' at Victoria


The Vanner trophy Setting off  Leda at Victoria

Over the years some of Ted's boats have unfortunately been scrapped, others sold or passed on to be restored or lay, unforgotten, until rediscovered and recognised as one of his boats. All Alone was restored by the late Alan Rayman and Leda 111 was the subject of a well publicised restoration by the late Alwyn Greenhalgh who was gifted much of Ted's remaining material and memorabilia.

Ted acting as a timekeeper at a hydroplane event Ted with steam cruiser V49 Alwyn Greenhalgh with 'All Alone'

Our major article recording the long career and production of numerous boats contains more detail and photos. There is also a record of the Vanner boats known to exist so far and the chance discovery of one that was not known about, reunited with its motor.