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Pit Box Hydro Index 2006 -2016

Page 1

Circa 1930/Bond's engine 1920's L J French Chrysis Bond's 1 Metre 1954 Mason/Conqueror
Burns Water Otter/Steam      

Page 2

DC Jeffery QT V 1920's Sharvell 30cc Westmoreland's Minx 'Polyester' mould
2 Ken Proctor boats 1930's Vamp John Benson 'Orthon'  

Page 3

Booth's Spook Aluminium Spook ITSA flash steam Lambert's Rhumba 4
Drinkwater Dyna Jet Swiss 'Patsy' Puntis Firefly 2 mystery boats
Palmer record breaker      

Page 4

Baxter's Miss Swindon Waterton's Tally Ho Everitt's Swinging Lowne 'Otter'
Noble Bulrush 9 ED Challenger Owst 15cc Lambert's Rhumba 5
Clifford rev counter Clifford's Hell's Bell's 6 Booth boats  

Page 5

Victoria  mystery Robinson 5cc record holder 30cc Boxotricks Weaver 3.5cc mystery
Curwen ELF Early 1970's C Class Stone's Rodney Dixon Qwik Kit
Keil Craft Zipper Scarnell 30cc A Class Drome hydro  

Page 6

Hampton 5cc 24" Westbury or Zipper Robinson A2 hull Stranzinger A3
Lacey A3 1950's Williams C Class Poyser 15cc IC Thunderbird
Last AMCO Weaver Rose Timer ED Challenger Suzor Zephyr

Page 7

Bills' Anne Drinkwater Axilla Drinkwater Lindoh Diesel hydro
Malfatti Flash Drinkwater Ballerina Steamer hull Clyde Electric hydro
Bonzo/Grayson Mystery hydro Robertson Pook III Lines Blitz I
Mills miniature Vanner tinplate Clements C Class Dixon Eagle

Page 8

Berne Flash steam Perkins JEP 1930's mystery Clement's Jump With Joy
Clement's Gladys May 15cc Sparky style Berne Steam Machine II Stone Bill Barnes
Stone Lady Cynthia Stone Lady Babs Collins Sharkie Menant Spido

Page 9

Windermere Cup Wembly Challenge Trophy Drinkwater B1's Lowne Little Otter
Jackson Austerity class Mears Challenge Trophy Stan Poyser Trophies Futuristic A1
Mystery hydro Circa 1930's Joy Bamford's C Class Steam Norfor Steam hydro

Page 10

Lugless OPS 29 Victoria Park progam. 1910 Early hull Crebbin/Gray's trophies
Ted Vanner IC boat Meageen's Samuel Sharp Brockwell trophy Fizz Single step scow
Fasta 3 Twin hull ED Challenger