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Pit Box

David Winter's 5cc hydroplane

This boat was built by Jim Hampton in the very early 60s and shows the French design trends that influenced many of the Portsmouth boats. David Winter, a young member of the Club ran the ETA 29 engined boat for a while until other activities took over, but he did keep it until his imminent emigration resulted in it being advertised in Model Boats.
David and his boat in 1962  Thanks to Pete Dirs for the photographs    June 2012


24", but Westbury or Zipper?

The line of the cockpit following the deck would tend to point towards the Keil Kraft kit, rather than a scratch built Westbury, but both were very similar in construction. A Frog 500 finished off this ready to run vintage hydro, which sold in Australia for a fiver over £400.

                                 Thanks to Rohan Cleary for photos May 2012


eBay Mystery

This early A2 boat appeared recently and was quickly identified as having been built many years ago by Stuart Robinson for one of the very first rear exhaust OPS 29s. Lack of skeg and mounts means some reverse engineering for the lucky buyer.
Photos Trevor Tennant.       April 2012


A very speedy homebuild

This remarkable boat and engine was the work of Gunther Stranzinger and recorded over 200 kmh in the 70s! Its current owner, Swiss competitor, Gilbert Huguenin recalls ' I received it from Rainer Halm in desolate condition and made it like new as you can see'. A super restoration and a lovely motor.
Thanks to Gilbert for photos and information Mar 2012


A3 'transition' from Nigel Lacey

During the late 70s and early 80s, hulls became shorter as wings came into use and grew in size. The exhaust systems were fully enclosed and the modern boat was born. The boat of Nigel's seen here has a large pylon mounted wing, but still the exposed pipe. An aged but unused OPS Redhead has restored the boat to running condition, but not in the UK, as the exposed exhaust is only acceptable in NAVIGA competitions.

Thanks to Nigel Lacey for this item. OTW photo Feb 2012


A third career for this 50s 'C' class boat

Built and raced in the 1950s by the late Jim Williams of the Bristol Club and originally powered by a Hornet. Peter Hill used this hull with a McCoy motor fitted to great effect  to win the Lambert trophy twice. Unfortunately around the mid 60mph mark the boat has a habit of flying, so was put into a second honourable retirement. Now re-engined with an early Hornet (not the bulge bypass replica shown) it is ready to be run again, with cautious needle settings that is.
                              Thanks to Peter Hill for this item. OTW photo Jan 2012


Stan Poyser's 'B' Class IC boat

This is the only surviving relic of the late Stan Poyser's career with IC boats. The motor from this hull appeared in Rumpus IV in 1949, and later in 'Orbit'. The name of this hull eludes us at present, but from the sponson shape it is reasonable to assume it was Stan's last foray into the 'B' Class before giving up racing in the 60s. The hull has now been renovated and is awaiting completion of the engine.    Also see this month's engine 'Pitbox'

Thanks to Stuart Robinson for this item. OTW photo Dec 2011  


An 'Old friend'
This wonderful fantasy boat appeared with another even more futuristic model at a Sandown toy fair some while ago. Apart from the completely false provenance, with a front induction McCoy 35 and a RH rotation prop, it would have been unlikely to be a 'championship winner'. It resurfaced at a high class dealers in the US with a humungous price tag and, amazingly, sold. Photo Jim Free    Nov 2011


Arthur Weaver's last hydroplane?

From the V33 registration number, design and colour, we believe that this is the last of the boats Arthur built while he was experimenting with AMCO BBs. The engine mounts and position of the hole for the cut off would seem to confirm the use of an AMCO, the ED being a later addition. The engine and mounts for this boat still exist, but are in the hands of another collector. Update 2012
Thanks to Peter Hill and to Alan Whitehead for the photos. Oct 2011


A piece of hydroplane history?

This almost anonymous wooden box has been in lurking in Mike Rose's workshop having inherited it from his father John. Far being filled with odds and ends as Mike had suspected, opening the box revealed a wonderful piece of tethered hydroplane history and memorabilia. What then did this box contain that got both Mike, his son Antony, and OTW so excited? Click here to reveal the mystery.

Thanks to Mike Rose for this item and photos   Sept 2011


A 'cheap' Challenger

This example of the commercial ED Challenger was found in Scotland and restored by Steve Betney. Fitted with a  ED Racer shorn of its exhausts it failed to sell at a couple of swapmeets so was placed on ebay. It was something of a shock when this rare example of a commercial hydroplane sold at a giveaway price.
                                                          OTW photo Aug 2011


A French 'Mystery'

This boat was found in France and bears a distinct likeness to the Suzor Zephyr design. What is slightly odd is that it seems to have been built with twin hulls and sponsons, which makes it both rare and very interesting. The engine at present defies identification and whether there is a link with Suzor has yet to be established. It sold on ebay for just short of £1,000

Thanks to Richard Clark for this item and the photographs.    July 2011