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Pit Box Index 2017 - 2023


Triallist & Tyro cars Dickie  Hydro Amco Martin four Engine East German icecar
10cc Falcon engine Oliver Bottoms Up Car Surrey MRCC badge Flash Steamer
Harris Oliver engine Ron Thrower Oliver GRP car Tiny. E Class 2.5cc hydro  


Raylite tyres M & E barn find car FEMA car 222 Frog Whippet hydro
Rischer Rotary car Fred Carter engines M & E Wasp Eric Parmenter car
Rowell engine components 1066 5cc Falcon box B1 Airscrew boats ETA 5 Twin


Dr Rankin Doc 2 Sea Devil III Flash steam Georg Fausch 1 car Dr Rankin Doc 1
G E Jackson's 10 McCoy Hydro Works ETA 29 1066 Hawk engine
Falcon 2 engine M&E ERA car Gerald Smith Magpie Atom & 2 Wotzits


Oliver RV engine Shelton Oliver car H Dawson memorabilia 1066 three engines
GRP Oliver car Glass plate negative of car F Westmoreland engines ETA 29 box lid
Eaton Bray badge Doc Rankin M&E Wasp car Ifit 9 Cockman hydro Georg Fausch car


Early Oliver Twinshaft Nordec or Wood castings? Viper car Rowell MkII Series 2
Similar to Moore Shadow Oliver Mercedes car Dooling Clones Jim Dean Oliver
MKIV 1066 Conquerors 1975 Welwyn memorabilia Rowell Sabre Nordec Special series II


Unusual Class 2 car Early Oliver 1930's McIntyre Hydro 1956 Dean 5cc car
Moore Special Haydock's Planet 61 Ivan Prior IVY Tony Higgin's cars
1975 NAVIGA medal Yellow Jacket Stelling car  


Ivan Prior BRM Swedish Supertigre G60 Reeves 6cc engine G Mack Silberpfeil
Nordec Series 2 Rear Exhausts cars & hydros Car 57 MCA Certificates
Blinged Wilma Wilma Similar to an M&E Wasp Electra 2A