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Photo of the month

Vadim Subbotin at Amiens, 2007

The second of the two Chatellerault events organised by Pierre Barbotin was the 17th World Championship and the Open Memorial Vadim Subbotin. This was in memory of probably the most successful and influential tethered hydroplane competitor of all times. Apart from numerous World and European Championships, he held all three waterscrew class records simultaneously for many years, including the A2 and A3 that still stand nearly 20 years on. As well as his own accomplishments, his hydro designs are still in current use and it was a privilege for OTW to be able to run one of his own A2 boats in 2013 at Cestas. Subbotin's influence went way beyond his own racing as he encouraged and supported a whole raft of junior competitors who joined him at international meetings.

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