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Photo of the month

Les Williamson in Switzerland

Nowhere amongst any of the material that was discovered after the death of Les Williamson were there any original photos of him until this one turned up with other memorabilia sent to us. Scans from magazines chart his racing career that culminated in the double header International and European Championships at Landikon and Basel in 1958. Les is the centre of attention here with his pitbox, 2,5cc and 5cc cars. Cars and box still survive as does all the paperwork from his trip he and his wife made to Switzerland for these two meetings, a remarkable archive.

Les finished seventh in the 2.5cc class at both events with his spur drive Oliver engined car, eighteenth in 10cc with his version of the Dooling, Ian Moore number 12. He did have an ETA 29 Moore style car but seems to have borrowed a Dooling 29 from Jack Cook that failed to record a time.

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