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Photo of the month


The decal on each side of this Dooling F gives a clue to the manufacturer of the engine in the car but not the absolute rarity of it, which was not discovered until fifty years after the photo was taken. Whilst the car may be very common, the engine is not, as this month's Pitbox reveals. 
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Christmas Caption Competition

I always use bread soaked in Castrol R for McCoys

“Are you sure we should have pulled this plug out”? 

“Next time it comes by, hit it with your stick”.

All boats must float at rest, damn!

Are you sure this is how you test the pylon?

'You dropped the 'B' cable, you find it'

Ist prize 2lb 3oz. 1 McCoy, half a Dooling, 2 props, 1 exhaust and a glow plug.