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The Buckminster Tether Car Group 

When the BMFA Buckminster site first opened after the first lockdown of 2020 it was for season ticket holders only. Aaron and I bought season tickets so that we could use the track. We knew it was OK to run on as I had done a couple of runs with the Buckminster volunteer group.


Little did we know at the time how these family tether car running sessions with a picnic on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would grow.

We went most weeks when the weather was good. We ran mainly old timer cars, at the time there was no safety fencing and it felt really strange having only really run on the tracks in Europe which have safety fencing and a protected area to stand behind when you are running your car.

The volunteers were working on making the track safer to use. The first was Richard’s protected area that we could stand behind.

The other thing we missed from the European tracks was a timing system that showed us the cars speed lap by lap. We tried stop watches but they just didn’t cut the ice. I managed to source a timing system from Russia. Running tether cars was feeling a lot more like it should.

Jan Huning joined us at our little events and we began to get the hang of running diesel powered cars with twinshaft engines. Each week we got faster. Aaron and I also started to run the Russian 1.5cc glow engine cars.

Jan with his Oliver Two Five replica and home built twinshaft Oliver pushing off Aaron's 1.5cc Class 1 car

Early August was the unofficial track opening event, there was a good turn out of tether car runners from the various organisations.

Start area Aaron Monk, our premier 'horser'
FEMA 3B cars and an original Dooling Arrow Martin Coe with a Redfin based car

During this event I was asked when people could come and run cars or when the next event was. I started an email group and just let them know when we would be at Buckminster running cars. It became quite popular and we started to get regular spectators and people interested in what we doing. It helped that our running days coincided with some big model flying events held on the weekends. We got a lot of interest.

So here we are now. We have a name for the original email group and a new email address buckytcar@btinternet.com, which consists of a group of tether car enthusiasts who want to enjoy running cars and the company of like-minded people. There is also now an active Facebook page for the  Group for up to date information and where items can be posted. Search for Buckminster Tether Car Group.

For next year we have a calendar of events, some days will be track days - just running cars, and a couple of competitions, Handicap and Nominated speed. These have been chosen so you won’t need the latest, fastest, car as any car will be able to compete on an equal footing. These are intended to be fun events to encourage people to have a go.

2022 Calendar for the Buckminster Track

The track is available on an informal basis for much of the season, dates can be checked on the BMFA Buckminster site. Below are the scheduled events where the activities will be organised and appropriate equipment available for use. All events are of course subject to any future covid restrictions in place and may be subject to change.

Date Event   Date Event  
April 9th/10th Spring Gala SAM 35 July 17th Track Day/speed BTCG
May 14th Now Try tether cars BTCG Aug 7th Track day/speed BTCG
May 15th Now Track day/speed BTCG Sept 24th Speed weekend BTCG
June 12th Track day/speed  BTCG Sept 25th Speed weekend BTCG
June 25th/26th/27th Retrofest SAM 35 Oct 15th/16th Octoberfest SAM 35

Note the dates for the Retrofest in June are correct. It will be held over the Saturday, Sunday and Monday in 2022

Competitions: During the season SAM will be running two competitions at their events, the first for 2.5cc aircars in memory of the late Dick Roberts and the second for the Redfin Trophy for 2.5cc twinshaft cars. Updated information about developments at the track and rules for both these competitions are now published on the SAM website.

Donations for further infrastructure and track projects are still needed and can be made by cheque payable to the BMFA and with "Buckminster Tethered Car Track Fund" written in the back and sent to Sian Sargeant at BMFA Chacksfield House, 31 St Andrews Road, Leicester LE2 8RE, or to me Steve Betney, at 20 Fairfax Road, London NW6 4HA for me to send on if you prefer. For bank transfer payment details, please contact Sian at sian@bmfa.org.

BTCG Tether Car Experience Weekend

Date for your diary: Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th May 2022

After last years very successful " Introduction to Tether Cars" event we are going to run it again this year.

The Introduction day is a hands on event that will cover all aspects of running a tether car. It’s a fun day with a team of experienced tether car racers to help you in running the cars.

The cost of the day is £15. For those that who are not BMFA members we have insurance cover in place for you.

You are welcome to bring your own car, sorry no air cars.

Please book your place on buckytcar@btinternet.com or any questions.

Sunday 15th May is a Fun run day. Practice in the morning and handicap speed and nominated speed in the afternoon.
I will have a couple of cars available for Saturday’s participants to use on the Sunday.

Oliver Monk