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Oliver Monk

  'Occasional Workshop Ramblings'



                   January 2024

The one job I donít enjoy doing is making wheels, lots of repetitive machining. I used a CNC machine shop for the last lot, but he is snowed under with work and was not interested in doing small quantities.

Right: Machined blanks


The rotary table was my father's, he used it when he was engraving clock dials. It's one he made from a kit, itís a bit light weight. I bought a digital rotary indexer that I fitted to the table. Itís turned out ideal for making wheels. Most tyres have a chunky bead on them that locks into to the hub, but it's not easy to cut the groove in one go on the lathe as you gets lots of chatter on the lathe tool.

Milling the groove is so much easier, even more so as the digital indexer will drive the table continuously making it easy to get the depth and width correct. Drilling all the holes in the wheel is straight forward, just select how many holes then it's just a matter of pressing the button for each hole, so much easier than manually winding the table round.

In total I made eight wheels for the two cars, the rear tyres are cut down, worn, modern 10cc tyres and the fronts are Moki tyres from a job lot I bought some years ago. This is where the cars are up to currently. (Upper right) Andy has both at the moment making the tops. When they are back it will be shut offs and tanks. Hopefully, they will be ready for the start of the season.

Last month I wrote about the flywheel for the Dooling 29 engine. I wasnít totally sure that the Loctite would hold the pinion gear in place so I have ground two small flats on the pinion gear spigot and fitted two grub screws into the flywheel, 180 degrees apart to keep it in balance.

Thatís it for this month, as you know its been pretty cold. Although the workshop is insulated it is still cold in there, the tools and machines are cold to the touch so I havenít spent much time in there. The house is much warmer and we have a large kitchen table.

I also fly radio control model aircraft, not very well and predominately gliders. These have all needed tlc which they have got. Aldi are currently building their largest distribution centre just outside the village, hate to think what the traffic's going to be like when it's finished.

But every cloud has a silver lining as they have given us a country park. One of the areas within the park is big enough to fly my discus launch gliders, I have flown those quite a bit this month.

Last year I turned seventy and Debby my wife bought me a English longbow making course, this was Friday evening and two full days Saturday and Sunday. It had been something I have always wanted to do. I am currently oiling the bow to seal the wood. Next month its down to the archery club to try it out and take some pictures.