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 Off the Beaten Track II

1937 Auto Union C Type 'Stromlinie'

In January 1938 Bernd Rosemeyer set a new class record of 268mph driving an Auto Union C type streamliner on the Autobahn between Frankfurt and Darmstadt. Later in the morning he made further runs to raise the record that ended in tragedy as the car left the road, somersaulted and threw Rosemeyer out. A memorial to Rosemeyer can still be seen on the Autobahn that also commemorates the fastest speed recorded on a public road.

Salvatore Angeloni has sent us details of an amazing replica of this car, complete with Rosemeyer's name, a joint venture between him and and an incredible engineer, Marino Vavassori (right). The complexity and quality of the engineering and finishing of this car are superb and thanks to Salvatore for sharing it with us.

Just to show you the result of a project lasted about 6 years and now, finally completed. This car is fruit of the work of a dear friend of mine's, Marino Vavassori you know for the Aeropiccola Victory Special and MOVO, Super Elia 4 and Elia 6 replica engines.

As you can imagine, Marino is a very clever man, builder and runner of actual tethered cars, complicated radial engines, clocks, special knives etc. and is the owner of a medium, high precision, mechanical industry, with every kind of machinery available.

The only parts I provided for this car are the sand cast castings (I did the model), the engines for two cars (Rossi R60 5 transfers), a good compromise of power and torque. The finishing and polishing of the castings (about 60 hours of dirty hands) was entirely my work.

Complex chassis Sixteen exhausts and Rosemeyer's name Beautifully sleek body

During these last years, Marino projected the many solutions he had in his mind as the complicated independent, adjusting suspensions, with hydraulic shock absorbers, composed by a quantity of small parts all obtained from bar and all mounted on bearings.

Sixteen exhausts, all working Rear, independent suspension FEMA tank, Titanium bridle

Also the complicated exhaust was a problem due to the lack of space and is comprised of 26 different parts of light alloy. The gears, the same as used on the actual 10cc class FEMA cars are enclosed in an oil seal gearbox. Also the tank, completely machined from bar and the cut-off device are the same as for the 10cc class cars.

FEMA cut off Oil filled gearbox, transverse dampers Front Suspension

Of course, great attention was paid to the titanium connection bridle and to the connection to the lower casting, also due to a weight of about 4,7 Kg. Two of these cars have been made, one for me and one for him, and I'm deeply grateful to Marino Vavassori for his strong sincere friendship showed in finishing this complicated and long project.

Finished and highly polished C type Auto Union model . A tribute to Rosemeyer and an amazing piece of work

Marino Vavassori is an accomplished tether car racer in his own right, using 3.5cc and 10cc FEMA cars that he has built in his well equipped facility. In 2023 he also introduced a 3.5cc engine of his own design and manufacture. His cars show a degree of lateral thinking in the way they are designed and constructed.

Marino's 10cc car Integrated rear end unit Marino's 3.5cc motor