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Pit Box

A 'frightening prospect'

Gary Maslin obtained this car as a project some while ago and we featured it in August 2008. More recently it has been sold on and the build completed. What makes it unique is the use of a Nordec 10cc motor with a single drive wheel mounted directly onto the crankshaft. These motors would more normally be geared down 2:1, so with the direct drive and wooden chassis it would be a brave person who fired it up in anger. Good to see it completed though.

Vendor's photo Dec 2016


Another series of photos that fell foul of the lightning strike that took out our computer. Whilst the insurance company were sorting it out we were working from an internet cafe and blagging time on friend's computers. Several files have only just come to light, no doubt those who sent them in originally were wondering where they had got to or even why the had bothered. All we know about the lovely Mercedes, MG and Aston Martin models above were that they belonged to or were built by a Mr Robson and were possibly seen at an exhibition in Berkshire. If the owner of these cars would like to get back in contact then we will give them full recognition.   November 2017


Electra kits
One of the earliest plans published by Drysdale Press was for Gerry Buck's 2A. The chassis rails were pressed aluminium, tapered in depth and width and splayed at the front as well, very difficult to make. Sometime after 1946, Sid Smith who was operating from Chatham under the Electra Engines name, produced a number of chassis kits for this model. Several have come onto the market over the years including the three above. The choice of wheels and tyres was up to the individual, hence the heady assortment of 1066, M&E and industrial trolley here. A complete version rebuilt by Mike Crisp was sold at Christies for £750, later resold for just under £2,000.

Photos from Roy Laycock, OTW and Paul Rossiter  Oct 2016


Mr Knowles' Maserati
The Model & Experimental Co of Coventry was owned by the Knowles family, who introduced the Maserati in 1947. Most were powered by the relatively docile spark ignition Stentor, but this was R.G. Knowles' personal car, intended for serious racing, hence the R10 Nordec installation with direct drive.
Thanks to Miles Patience for this item and photos Sept 2016


Following the death of Arne Zetterstrom, a number of his cars, projects and other items were included in a 'silent' internet auction. Amongst them was this  'Padda' (frog) teardrop, designed by Bertil Beckman. The plan published in Model Maker in 1953 showed a standard 2.46cc ED 'Racer', but this one has been subtly modified with a new cylinder and fining to use just the upward facing exhaust stack to comply with the rules. The workmanship, like all of Arne's cars, is superb and a fine example of the development that was going on in Sweden in the early 50s.
Thanks to Ron Reiter for this item and photographs. Aug 2016


Another 'Mystery'.
OTW were contacted recently to see if we could identify this car or motor, but it does not appear anywhere in any of our reference material. It was sold in double quick time but as yet neither us or the new owner has any positive ID. Our thoughts are that it may well be a commercial static model, the wheel hubs for spoked wheels are very reminiscent of Henri Baigent, with the very well engineered and home built motor added at a later date. The motor is in a steel frame that included the rear tether bracket. The car may yet turn out to be foreign. Certainly the ZN wheels were a later addition probably when it was turned into a tether car. It is too nice a car to remain a mystery, so any help would be gratefully received.
                                                                                               Thanks to Luke and John Goodall for photos and details.  July 2016


Oliver 'Tiger Bomb'

Designed towards the end of 1951 and originally intended for use on the continent with 3.25cc motors and a cast in drive axle. What was eventually marketed was somewhat simpler with symmetrical top and bottom and just enough room for a Tiger twinshaft or one of a number of 'home brewed' alternatives such as this ED Racer derived motor.                                                                               Thanks to John Lorenz for this item and photos.  June 2016


Challenging Engine Installation

This standard M&E Challenger shows clearly that a 6cc Stentor cannot be mid mounted without radical alteration to the scuttle and bonnet line. The fuel tank mounted in place of the normal leather seat would seem to ensure that the motor flooded and one wonders quite why it was done at all. The asking price was also very steep for a non standard car and so far it remains unsold. Compare this with the standard version on the M&E page.

Thanks to Ron Reiter for photos and details.     May 2016


'Woolies Wonders'
In the late 1940s, F W Woolworth were selling these clockwork powered cars for around 4/- or 20p. Ken Davis of the Chiltern Club converted a couple by throwing away the bottom half with the clockwork mechanism and replacing that with an aluminium baseplate, swinging front axle and a 1cc ED Bee laid horizontally. In this guise they were good for 40mph and provided such good 'entertainment' that several other modellers produced these 'Woolies Wonders' with a variety of similar sized engines.  The car on the left is a genuine British example with an original MARX body also made in Britain. The other car is somewhat different being built inside a cast shell but still with the ubiquitous ED Bee.      Thanks to John Lorenz for these fascinating items and photos  April 2016


FEMA Class 4 car
We seldom feature the more modern cars, but this one creeps in as a project started in the late 1970s based on a pan from Horst Denneler, similar to the one used by David Giles to win the European Championship in 1979. It ended up as a classic 'roundtuit' that never happened. The parts were passed on in 2014 allowing the car as seen here to be constructed. The modern body shape is to enable the car to meet current safety regulations.  
Thanks to David Giles for reinvigorating this project. OTW photo March 2016


Surprisingly few of these 1066 Conquests have come to our attention although contemporary photos show many of them in club line-ups. Available as a kit, this example has all the original factory components, including tether brackets and tank. A series I Nordec R10 occupies the engine mount as an alternative to the Conqueror, which probably offered much greater level of performance and was more readily available. The kit cost £10, whilst the Nordec motor was £12.  Thanks (belatedly) to Barrie Cornwell for this item and photos Feb 2016


Juneero Bantam

Juneero of Boreham Wood offered this kit from early 1949 to compliment their 'all in one' construction tool. The chassis kit was just over £2 and for a little under £1 a completely shaped and painted body was available. This absolutely pristine and complete kit, along with the factory made body appeared on eBay late last year and due to it not appearing in the main listings was obtained for a very reasonable price, less than half of what an incomplete one went for in 2012. Kits and cars do turn up, but as this is the finest and most complete kit we have seen and the intention is that it will probably stay as it is.
Thanks to Peter Hill for this item  OTW photo  Jan 2016