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Tethered Hydroplanes 

1908-2008  100 years  of tethered hydroplane racing

History      A  Century of tethered hydroplane racing

Who started it all?

Surviving Pioneers
 H. H. Groves

Fred Westmoreland

George Noble Ted Vanner

                                                General Articles


Chrysis  Survivor from the 20's Hydroplanes from the 1930's

Vamp  Another 20's boat discovered

Faro      Ken William's 30cc  record breaker from 1935
Triton   Doug Reynolds-  Part 1: Experimental hydroplane Jildi Junior      Captain Bowden's miniature hydroplane
Naiad 3    Three unusual 15cc boats from Tom Dalziel Updated Mar 2011 Little Star   Mr L J French's 15cc record breaker of the 30's
Sparky II    George Lines' record breaking boat QT V 1930s Scottish boat from D C Jeffrey

Four-strokes from the 30s

Victoria V34  Ernie Clark's surviving boats
Melody & Swinging   Bill Everitt's 30cc hydroplanes restored Hell's Bells  Restoration of a Stan Clifford hydroplane
Boxotrix  E. A. Walker's 30cc hydroplane/ Lincolnshire find Voodoo Mark Mansell restores Keith Swift's hydro
Betty and the Innocent Brothers  

Engineers, Enthusiasts and Clubs.

Jim Hampton   The highs and lows of a model powerboat man Ted Harris   A racing career revisited. Updated Dec. 2008
 Victoria V34  Ernie Clark and the  'Gordons' Mark Russell    Restoration of a typical 1930's boat and engine
Doug Reynolds   Part 2: 50 Years of Model Engineering Excellence Edgar T Westbury
Jim Free  Jets n Things Two-stroke take over How the C Class became divided
Arthur Weaver  North London Maestro Quantum leap in tethered hydros  The George Stone story

Jimmy Jones and 'Wee Gareth'

Malcolm Beak at St. Albans

King's Lynn Club I  JohnDuffield

Victoria Model Steamboat Club  celebrates its 105th anniversary

King's Lynn Club II George Chapman

Stan Clifford Flash steam to GRP.
King's Lynn Club III Bert Stalham and Dr Hewlett Timers  'How fast does it go mister?'

Mike Drinkwater's Airscrew recollections

Brayshaw Park, Blenheim, New Zealand
John Rose  'West Country Wizard' Otago Model Engineering Society  New Zealand
Rose Legacy  The continuing story Norman Dixon
Harold Heath and his boats  
Empty spaces  'Doc' and Cindy English Empty Spaces Terry Everitt
Empty spaces  John Benson Empty Spaces  Keith Swift, hydroplanes large and small
Empty Spaces  Tom Clement Empty spaces  Alan  Rayman

Flash Steam

What Is Flash Steam? A 'rough guide' to the subject A W Martin  Flash Steam Exponent
Evil Spirit  1915 Flash Steam Hydro ITSA  Mystery flash steam hydroplane

Stan Poyser   The Phoenix series of flash steam hydroplanes

Jim Bamford     25 years of experimentation and competition
Flash steam engines from the Poyser family Olly Monk  Developing a 'B' Class flash steam hydro
Bernard Pilliner  Experiments, trials and tribulations Frank Jutton  His story and boats
Bonham's Steamer  Mystery V4 flash steamer Flash Steam Gallery I  Fred Lowne
Flash Steam Gallery 2  Colin Harmer Flash Steam Gallery 3  Keith Norfor

Modern Scene

Tethered Hydroplane Racing Homepage 2018 regatta dates  Roger James  Building a gold medal winning A3 hydroplane
2018  Current National/International Classes and Speed Records  Resources  Where to find out more
Airscrew Hydroplanes  

Who's Who

Pit Box: Hydroplanes rediscovered

Norman Lara John Hyder John DeMott    Archive pages: 1   2   3    4   5   6  7  8  9  10
Jim Free Stuart Robinson Bob Kirtley     
Ron Hankins Arthur Wall Paul Windross