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Long Lost lakes

As the tethered hydroplane community comes to terms with the unfortunate situation that there are only two venues left in the country where hydros can be run we can but reflect on the huge number of lakes and ponds that have hosted hydroplane racing since a line was first attached to a boat in 1908. Ironic in a way that the two lakes left are Victoria, one of the very first to be used and Kingsbury one of the last to come into operation. Although we have already been sent a great deal of material, hard information about locations, periods of use and notable runners would be much appreciated. Current photos of the venues wherever possible would also be a fitting post script to each. 

South Cerney: Home of the Cotswold Model Marine Club. The open nature of the lake and the fact that it was shared with full sized boats required breakwaters to be constructed that can be seen in the photos. Reports from Model Boats emphasise the very social nature of events there. Problems at the lake firstly required the pylon to be moved and later forced a move to another venue close by that the Club was only able to use for a relatively short period of time. As can be seen from the second panel of photos, the lake has now been filled in with a view to development.

Stu Robinson, Jim Williams, Lionel lawley B Class record holder John Rose Arthur Wall and 'Doc' English launching
Entrance to the lake Location of the pole! Wot, no water?

Photos kindly provided by Kevin Fleet, Mike Rose and Margaret Lawley