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Tethered Cars


David Giles  Tethered Model Car Racing from 1937 to the present day  History A glimpse into tethered car racing in Britain


Major British suppliers of tethered car equipment Ten-Sixty-Six Products  Cars, boats  and engines from Worcester
M & E Models  Exmouth based car and model company Rowell Motors   A history of this Dundee company
Rowell Motors  High performance cars and engines from Scotland E & M Cars  The Experimental and Model Co.
FRC  A unique find Replica Ltd  Guy Rickard and his company
Oliver  Cars and engines that dominated the sport  

Engineers, Enthusiasts and Clubs.

Gerry Buck  A modelling legend. Cars, boats, planes, trains and more Surrey Model Racing Car Club  A history
Ian and Ivy  Moore  A racing partnership Nottingham MRCC   Photo's from their Gamston track
Bernard Manley  Discovery of his cars and racing record  Fred Jones.  Discovery and sale of his cars
Lucy Gascoigne’s MG  ‘Record Breaker’.

A Remarkable and Mysterious MG  A Pitbox Special

Les Williamson  Cars and career uncovered Arthur Weaver  North London Maestro
Leslie Hancox's  MG TC Midget Timers  'How fast does it go mister?
Eaton Bray and D. A. Russell  The story of the Sportsdrome Harry Rae and a Craftsman Twin
Brayshaw Park, Blenheim, New Zealand Otago Model Engineering Society Tethered cars in New Zealand

Builds and Restorations

The Cruickshank MG Magic Midget   Building a pioneer Steve Betney Work Bench  MG Replica and OHC Austin 744
Russell SS100 The original car and a superb replica from Gary Maslin Steve Betney Work Bench D Type Jaguar, Rail Car, Deason ERA
Galeota Beginners Car  Another of the pioneers from Gary Maslin Steve Betney Cooper Climax, Stanley Steamer and Simple race car
  John Goodall  Building and running vintage tethered cars
 Dave Cunliffe  Berreta Rosso replica Busy Birth of the 'Tiger'

Modern Scene

BTCA  British Tether Car Assoc. from David Giles  Racing Tethered car racing homepage
David Giles  Latest E3 tether car and British record Mark Osborne  Building a Class V tethered car
David Giles  Winning the  1979 European Championship  Oliver Monk  Digital Timing Device, the technical details
ResourcesWhere to find out more Oliver Monk  'A bit of a saga'. The road to a record
Pavels Sarigins  Russian commercial cars and engines Steve Betney Aircars
Oliver Monk's  Workshop Ramblings on preparing tethered race  cars     2013     2014     2015    2016     2017     2018     2019

Pit Box: Cars rediscovered


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