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Oliver Monk

  'Workshop Ramblings'



January 2018

Well itís the New Year already and I must admit I have not spent much time in the workshop working on my tether cars, other things have taken priority, but before we know it the racing season will be upon us.

This is the head from my 2.5cc car long with the print out showing the acceleration of the car and it cutting out with a blown plug. Most of the season I have been burning out glowplugs and having a shot blasted finished chamber in the head. I have been reducing the compression but it has made little difference. I put the pictures along with some key data onto one of the controline web pages, it was suggested that I was running the engine lean to compensate for the low compression, I have never had any bad advice from this guy so I am going to try the compression ratios he has suggested and other 2.5cc car drivers use.

On the right is my head volume device that I copied from Gabor. Itís accurate as long as you get all the air out of the glowplug. I use an insulin syringe which measures small volume this one does 0.3cc and they are cheap off EBay.

Back to making heads, you have probably seen this before but itís a slightly different way of doing it. Still using a D bit cutter to form the taper seat for the glowplug, and a tapping size hole for the thread. The second picture shows the grooving tool I use to cut a recess at the top of the taper so the plug seats well. To the right parting off the part finished head blank, five blanks ready to have the chamber cut in them. More on this next time.

Making pistons for my 3.5cc engine not done these before and itís a new material but the same silicon content as the other material. It machines very well.

The 3.5cc piston is not a standard collet size. 5C collets have a small size range, but you can buy emergency collets that can be machined to size.

The three pins hold the collet open while you machine it
and when done you pull them out.

The finished collet and it holding the blank for the start
of the inside of the piston.

Still on with collets, this time ER32 collets to fit the bigger 3.5cc piston. I use a collet chuck which come with 3 hold down bolt holes whilst my rotary table needs 4.

Drilling the extra holes and then clocking up the collet chuck so
that it runs true on the rotary table.

Milling out the inside of the pistons itís a slow process on a manual machine. Got 5 insides done 5 more to do.

More on machining the pistons next time got to put a couple of holes in them and machine the skirt. Plus a little more tooling.

I put this picture up last time. I am led to believe that the Maserati is a Vega casting, anybody know where I could get some tyres from? They will be around 90mm diameter. If you know of any tyres let me know oliver.monk@btinternet.com

The Moore car no 12. I can get the parts that I need and I can fabricate a gearbox. The other Moore car on the right of the picture I am unlikely to build as in my eyes itís not a pretty car.

Thatís it for this month, hope to get back into the workshop and carry on the preparation of my 2.5 and 3.5cc cars.

Could be held up a little with the FEMA rule translation to English and any rule changes needs to be complete for the race in Kapfenhardt.