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Inaugural Hall Farm Lake hydroplane regatta May 2021

Despite a chilly and breezy start we had a good turn out and luckily for us the rain held off for the most part and the sun even showed its face a few times! It was lovely to see everyone at our first regatta in the new lake and to start racing again after our enforced break. At the start of the regatta everyone chipped in to help set up the remaining items to get the regatta underway and also helped halfway through the regatta to put 10 bags of stones in the lake to make the bottom more solid, there are some more bags to go in next week and by then we should have a firm footing for everyone to stand on from the bottom of the steps to the pole in the middle of the lake.

The regatta started off with the A1,A1E,B1,B1S the first person to get a timed run was Angela Gullick with the A1E (97mph). Next was the A2, S40 and A3. Steve Poyser got a timed run of 116.69 mph (A2) and Bryn 64.71 mph (4O Sport). No one got a timed run in A3 even though both Norman Lara and Ricky Neal were running their new Nova Rossi 60 DD. There were no timed runs in the A3 class.

Hard core for the starting area Rick Neal awaiting inspiration A1E at speed

Second round was much the same in A1, A1E, B1, B1S although Angela smashed the A1E record with a run of 109.92 mph and Bryn Colman had a personal best of 68.84 mph (A1E). In A2, S40, A3 the second round was much the same as the first only Angela got a run of 102.64 mph (Sport 40). In class A no one got a run Rick was trying hard with with his home built engine

Round Three and no timed runs in the A1, A1E, B1, B1S classes. In A2, S40, A3 Stuart Falconer was the only one to get a timed run of 82.74mph (Sport 40). In class A Rick Benson was trying a new boat out, the engine sounds promising and with some practice he should get some good results.

Norman Lara A3 Pete Dirs' B1 Angela Gullick A1E record holder

We then had some spare time and put the A3 cable back on Tony Collins had a good run but the boat flew and cut out. Norman and Ricky had some good laps out of their Nova Rossiís, both looking quite fast but cut out before a they were able to complete a timed run so lots of work this week in the workshop to see what they can do for the next regatta.

As Steve said at the close of the meeting, for a first regatta it was excellent. We managed to complete 3Ĺ rounds and although the cold weather may have been the reason so many of us ĎDid Not Start/Finishí it didnít dampen anyoneís spirits.

Results: A1E Class Angela Gullick 109.28mph  Bryn Colman 68.84mph A2 Class Steve Poyser 116.69mph
            S40 Class Stuart Falconer 82.74mph  Bryn Colman 64.71mph

May 29th: Another chilly start but it looks as though summer is on its way as it soon warmed up, much to everyoneís delight. It didnít take long to set up as most of the work had been done in the previous week, the gazeboís and timing tent were set up, the safety fencing erected and with Covid precautions in place, we were ready to go!

It must fit together somehow Andi and Ian Berne Poring over the flash steamer

The racing started at 11am with the B1, B1S, B1E, A1 and A1E. Dave Sheldrake got a run in the B1S Class (94.15mph) with his new boat. Angela Gullick ran the the B1E but the bungee was not strong enough and the prop shaft broke on her A1E so its back the workshop! Both Steve Poyser and Norman Lara had good runs with their A2 boats; Steve 116.44mph and Norman 128.24mph. No-one got a run with the A3 - Ricky Neal and Norman are navigating the complexities of setting up their Nova engines. In the AS class Ian Berne decided to forgo a run in the 1st round as he was having problems with his flash steam boat so was working on that.

Round Two was much the same, Dave improved his B1S time (96.80mph). John Underwood's pressure pipe broke away from the tuned pipe so more glue needed. There were no timed runs in A2. John Underwood had a good run with his A3 (111.04mph)

In Round Three, Dave improved his B1S time (100.27mph). Pete Dirs was able to sort the the bungee out which enabled Angela to set a B1E record (102.52mph). The boat is looking well on the water but would benefit from a different propellor. Steve had a good run with his own A1 engine (97.49mph) Again, there were no timed runs in A2. John improved his A3 time (113.84mph)

Rick Neal launching his A3 Rick and Pete Dirs Angela Gullick B1E record

It was lovely to see Ian and Andy at the regatta. Ian had a few mechanical issues with his flash steamboat, (as mentioned above), so it was not able to run, but hopefully with a bit of work he will be able to run it soon.

A nosey swan from the neighbouring lake popped its head up a few times to see what was going on but decided it wasnít for him and went back to his own lake. Darryl (Rickys brother) turned up to help out and 10 gravel bags later we now have a nice firm footing in the lake with any luck we wonít need any more. The new fully flushing welfare facilities worked really well (thank you Mike)

Swan having a look at tethered hydros Airscrew boat in flight

All in all another really good day Ė looking forward to the next one!

Results: B1S Class Dave Sheldrake 100.25mph B1E Class Angela Gullick 102.52mph establishes a record for this class
            A1 Class Steve Poyser 97.49mph A2 Class Norman Lara 128.24mph Steve Poyser 116.41mph A3 Class John Underwood 113.84mph

June Regattas

June 12th: A breezy start but a really nice and warm sunny day lay ahead of us for todayís regatta at Hall Farm Lake. Plenty of team work from everyone involved meant that we were all ready and eager to start at 11am. We started with the B1,B1S,B1E,A1,A1E,

Round 1 was a mixture of results.

B1 - Pete Dirs had a bad launch and Daveís boat managed 2 laps before cutting out. B1S - Dave Sheldrake had a good opening run of 92.51 mph
B1E - Angela Gullick had a good run smashing her record 120.68 mph; thanks Pete for a good launch
A1E - Bryn Colman had a good run 86.68 mph and Angela 105.20mph trying out one of Pete's props. Sport 40 - Bryn had a run of 59.54 mph
A3 - Ricky Neal was trying hard but had a bad launch and Normanís engine lost a conrod so that was the end of his A3 runs for the day.

There were no timed runs in the A1 and A2 A/S. Ian Berne is trying hard but still has boiler trouble

Welcome shade Rick Neal launching an A3 Minimalism

Round 2

B1 Pete had a good launch but the engine cut out, Pete said tank need moving out-board a little. Dave had the same couple of laps then cut
B1E - Angela didn't run any more as some more powerful batteries need to be looked into.
A1 - Pete got a good run 120.02 mph the boat is getting back up to a good speed.
A1E - Bryn didnít run as batteries are not powerful enough and is looking in to new ones. Angela went on to set a new record (112.05mph) smashing the previous one with the old prop; the boat is riding nice
A2 - Norman got a good run 113.90 mph; Steve had a BAD launch (see picture)  S40 - Bryn didn't finish as was trying a different boat
A3 - Ricky still trying hard and couldnít get a needle setting  A/S - Ian ran his other boat which managed a few laps then stopped

AS record holding boat Oops! Warming up the flash steamer

Round 3

B1 - Pete and Dave still having needle problems B1S - Dave didn't finish the course
A1 - Peter got a slower run 116.63 mph and Steve didn't finish. A1E - Angela broke the earlier record reaching 112.56 mph - the boat just gets better every time.
A2 -Norman blew up another engine whilst Steve got a nice run (116.96 mph) which was his fastest speed of the day, so a big smile on his face.
S40 - Bryn didn't press the button so no timed run. A3 - Ricky's prop shaft came unsoldered. A/S Ianís boiler malfunctioned so he was unfortunately unable to have another run.

K9 underway A1E record breaking team Interested spectators

After the runs ended we finished off with a training session; Pete was trying hard to sort out the B1 - it's getting there. Normans initial foray into minimalism with his new boating table raised some eyebrows but he declared it a success and is hoping others follow his lead! It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves and relaxing in the sunshine and we also had keen interest from the swans who stayed with us all day. Another good day and it is gratifying to see that along with the weather speeds are also continuing to improve.

Well Done To All!

Results: B1S Class Dave Sheldrake 92.51mph B1E Class Angela Gullick 120.68 (new record)
             A1 Class Pete Dirs 120.02mph  A1E Class Angela Gullick 112.56mph (new record) Bryn Colman 86.68mph
             A2 Class Steve Poyser 116.96mph Norman Lara 113.99mph

June 21nd: The torrential rain on Friday had washed the lake clean Ė even the steps looked like they had been scrubbed and were sparkling! Despite the damp and chill we had a good turn out. Tony Collins looked like he had been at the lakeside since the crack of dawn and bought his video camera with him. A quick set up and everyone was ready for the 11am start. It was good to see Tony and Rick Benson there (as well as everyone else!)

Round 1

We started with B1, unfortunately no-one got a timed run. B1S Dave Sheldrake got a time of 105.54 mph. A personal best for him so well done!
A1 Stuart Falconer got a timed run (76.98 mph). Angela Gullick's A1E managed 109.91 mph.
A2 Norman Lara achieved a run of 127.45 mph with a new Nova Rossi engine in the boat.
Sport 40 no-one got a run.
A3 everyone was trying hard but no one got a run. Tony Collins' boat looked good but the engine stopped.
A class Rick Benson was trying a older boat with a new engine and it looks promising.
A/S  Ian Berne was still having pump problems so didnít get a run in.

Setting up camp Norman Lara A2 Two consistent A2 runs

Round 2

B1 Pete Dirs got a run  of 72.62 mph and Angela 50.25mph. Tony got the highest launch of the day possibly 8ft off the water and it landed well.
A1 Pete got a timed run (114.57mph).
A2 Norman managed 127.32mph. No one else got a timed run although Steve Poyser had a good launch, nice and flat as it should be.
Sport 40 Stuart Falconer got a run (82.43mph).
A3 Rick Neal was trying hard with a new Picco engine but no timed runs.
A class Rick got a few good laps but unfortunately just short of a timed run.
A/S Ian had more problems; the oil feed pipe split so itís back to the workshop for more work.

Rick Neal A3 Lakeside Tony Collins B1

Round 3

B1 Angela got a run of 56.22mph. A1 Pete improved on his last run reaching  114.86mph. A2  no-one got a run. A3 Stuart got a nice run (98.62mph).
A class Rick again got some nice laps in but short of a timed run.

Rick Benson 30cc A Class Steve Poyser gives it a 'push' Norman launches Ian's steamer

We had a hour to spare so we had training. Ricky was trying very hard with the new Picco red head engine but seems that he needs to look at the timing on the motor. Steve tried his vintage 5cc boat but the head screws came loose and dropped into the lake. Stuart was a bit slower than his timed run. Thanks to Tony for taking the videos.

A good day had by all. We think speeds are down as the cold and damp weather had set in hard; let's hope the next meeting is warmer

Results: B1 Class Pete Dirs 72.6mph  Angela Gullick 56.22mph B1S Class Dave Sheldrake 105.54mph
            A1 Class Pete Dirs 114.57mph  Stuart Falconer 76.98mph A1E Class Angela Gullick 109.91mph
            A2 Class Norman Lara 127.45mph Sport 40 Class Stuart Falconer 82.43mph A3 Class Stuart Falconer 98.62mph

July Regattas

July 10th: The dreadful weather forecast did not deter the intrepid Hall Farm Lakers and we had a good turnout. Luckily, the rain stayed away until everything was set up, and throughout the day only a few light showers made their appearance.

Round 1

We started with the A3. Tony Collins had a submarine launch and Ricky Neal could not tune his engine, Norman Lara broke a ball joint and Stuart Falconer didnít quite manage 5 laps.

Next were A and A/S classes. Rick Benson had a good launch but didnít complete the 5 laps; While Ian Berneís red boat had engine problems and it was very hard to turn over. Next was A2 but no-one completed a run. Sport 40 and Bryn Colman had a good run (71.47mph) In the A1, A1E class Pete Dirs had a good run (85.84mph) and Stuart Falconer another good run (72.39mph). Angela Gullickís A1E would not bind to the radio . B1 Angela got a run (66.93mph) and Pete (81.46mph). Bryn launched his B1 for the first time, unfortunately it did not complete a run.

Tony Collins, the 'submarine' Pete Dirs, the 'aero' Bryn Colman launches on the water

Round 2

In the A3 class, Tony got a good run (128.69mph). Rick decided not to run his A class model anymore as it was having engine problems. Ian got a good run (91.09mph) in the A/S class. Norman had a nice run in the A2 class (122.32mph). In the S40 class, Bryn changed the propeller but it was not enough to finish the run. A1. Pete improved (90.46 mph) and Stuartís conrod let go, so more work for him to fix it. In A1E Angela managed a nice run of 107.89mph B1 - Bryan got a good launch and a run of 78.92mph

Round 3

In A3 there were no timed runs. Ian changed the prop in his A/S model but it was too big and the boat stopped after a lap. An improvement for Norman in the A2 with a run of 125.87mph. Brynís S40 was a little slower at 70.57mph. Improvements for both Pete in A1 (90.46mph) and Angela in A1E (111.79mph Bryn managed a timed run in the B1 of 80.45mph

Norman launching Ian's steamer Broken rod and a blown plug Bryn and Stuart observe

Round 4

No timed runs in A3, A2 or A1 and Angelaís A1E was slower at 108.90mph. Ianís A/S engine was very tight, so he decided not to run it as he wanted to check it over before it ran again. In the B1 class Angela got a run 64.66mph

A good day had in all. We think speeds are down again as despite being in July it was not particularly warm; letís hope the Sun puts in an appearance at the next meeting.

Results: B1 Class Pete Dirs 81.46mph Bryn Colman 80.45mph A1 Class Pete Dirs 90.46mph Stuart Falconer 72.39mph
            A1E Class Angela Gullick 111.7mph A2 Class Norman Lara 125.8mph S40 Class Bryn Colman 71.47mph
            A3 Class Tony Collins 128.6mph AS Class Ian Berne 91.09mph

July 17: What a beautiful day! The sun was out and getting warmer. Another good turn out and the team busy setting up the equipment to be ready for the 11am start. It was nice to see Sonia Collins on her first visit to the new lake to come and watch the racing. Eleven oíclock arrived and everyone was ready to go

Round 1

We started with B1 Angela Gullick got a timed run of 65.26 mph. Next were the B1S and Dave Sheldrake got a nice run of 70.62mph.
No timed runs in A1 or A2. In S40 class Angelaís boat was going quite fast until the airfoil came off. Thank you Ricky for retrieving it!
A3 Tony got a run of 132.08mph.

Rick retrieving Angela's tail Tony launches for another mid 130mph run Pete on starting duties, Norman launching

Round 2

B1 Dave and Ricky had a couple of quick laps but did not finish, Pete Dirs had a fast run, but it was flying so did not count. Angela improved 121.31mph but boat ducked in the water and broke the tail fin. Bryn Colman got a run of 82.49mph. B1s Dave improved his speed 97.48mph and Bryn 45.16mph. A3 Norman and Ricky still have Picco problems, Stuart didnít finish the run and Tony improved to 134.54 mph

Round 3

No runs apart from A3 where Norman and Ricky were still trying hard but did not finish. Tony had a nice diving launch and Stuart got a run 102.01mph but thinks the conrod has broken. Good Old OPS!

Round 4

Only one completed run in the round and that was in A3. Ricky tried but didnít finish and Tony improved his speed to 135.92mph

A good day had in all. We think speeds are getting better as it is starting to warm up Ė letís hope this continues.

Results: B1 Class Angela Gullick 121.31mph Dave Sheldrake 82.49mph B1S Class Dave Sheldrake 97.48mph Bryn Colman 45.16mph
            A3 Class Tony Collins 135.92mph Stuart Falconer 102.01

July 31st: A good turnout despite the weather forecast. What a resilient bunch we are!

The team were kept extra busy with setting up as the wind seemed to want to get involved making putting up the gazebos, umbrellaís and tent quite challenging. More gravel was added to the lake to maintain an even floor and eleven oíclock arrived and we were ready to go. It was nice to see John Hyder on his first visit to the new lake with his boats. We also welcomed Ian Elliot on his first visit. Ian had a go with the clubs ĎHave A Goí S40 boat achieving some timed runs and leaving the old hands scratching their heads in wonder.

As you can see from the photos, the coots kept Tony busy throughout the regatta. Later in the afternoon a heavy downpour stopped play for a short while and resulted in a slightly early finish to a damp and windy day.

Round 1

We started with the B1 Pete Dirs had good launch and a couple of fast laps, Angela Gullick set the pace at 88.94mph.
A1 Pete and John Hyder had good launches but no timed run.
A2 Norman Lara and Steve Poyser had good launches, but no time run.
S40 Ian Elliott was having a go with the club boat and showing us all up 72.47mph.
A3 Norman and John H got no timed run, Tony Collins practised his submarine launch.
A Class Ian Berne had pump problems again.

Variations on a theme from Tony Collins Ian Elliot's first ever hydro launch

Round 2

B1 Pete and Dave had good launches and couple of quick laps but did not finish the run. Angela was slower 74.81mph.
A1 Pete and John H had good launches but no timed runs.
A2 Steve and Norman had good launches but no timed runs.
A3 Norman and John had no timed run and Tony changed his tactic from submarine to a flying launch.
A Class Ianís prop was too big which caused the boat to stop after half a lap.

John Hyder A3 Dave Sheldrake B1

Round 3

B1 Dave and Pete still having fuel setting problems (should ask Norman if they can borrow the flow meter to check the needle) Angela had a faster run 97.47mph (so the flow meter is working)
A1 Pete and John H didnít run
A2 Norman blew the plug thread on the head of the Nova and it was leaking, Steve had a good run 107.9mph A3 John H and Norman had engine problems and Tony was still doing flying launches
A class Ian had boiler problems we think water in the oil, so we did not run it.

We packed up after this as the heavens opened up for about 45 minutes, so it was everyone under cover.

Results: B1 Class Angela Gullick 97.49mph A2 Class Steve Poyser 107.90mph S40 Class Ian Elliot 72.47mph

August Regatta

August 21st A damp and windy day Ė just what you would expect in August! The recent heavy rain resulted in the water level in the lake being considerably higher than normal so Steve Poyser and Tony Collins bravely ventured out into the lake on the boat to try to lower the water, unfortunately the drainage pipes were blocked so although they werenít able to do this today, plan on getting some equipment to sort it out before the next regatta.

The lake has been having some weed issues, so Steve and Norman Lara indulged in a spot of arts and crafts wrapping up bales of barley straw in netting to go into the lake which Tony then waded out into the lake with the netted bales to fix into place. We then carried on setting up the gazebos, umbrellas and welfare tent and were ready for the 11am start.

It was nice to see Ron and Mark Hankins on their first visit to the lake. We also welcomed Rick Benson's brother Robert who donned waders and ventured out into the lake to help Rick, along with his wife Jill who came to watch. The damp weather continued throughout the day ending up in a downpour after lunch, so everyone decided to call it a day after 3 rounds, hoping for better weather at the next regatta.

Norman and Steve on aquaculture Tony feeding the coots Unidentified floating object

Round 1

We started with the A Class Rick got a good launch but stopped before finishing a lap.
A/S Ian Berne ran his red boat, but he must have had a bad morning as he put water in the fuel tank.
B Class Ron had a bad launch.
A/B Ron didnít run in this round as you can only run two boats per round.
A3 Tony had a good run 135.24mph and Norman is still having problems with the picco.
A2 Norman had a good run 90.92mph but the plug came loose, and Steve had a rich run 55.73 mph. Rick didnít finish the laps.
S40 Angela Gullick didnít finish the laps as the engine was too lean.
A1 Steve had a good run 101.47 mph and Ron had a run 74.80mph. Pete Dirs had engine problems.
B1 Angela had a run 73.76mph and Pete had a BAD launch putting the nose under the water.

Ron Hankins 15cc B Class Steve Poyser Pete Dirs, Oops

Round 2

A Class Rick still having engine problems
A/S Ian ran his other boat and had a good time 86.95mph but was quicker in the last few laps.
B Class Ron had a bad launch as the bungee got caught on the sponson.
A/B Ron had another bad launch and it stopped.
A3 Tony was a little bit quicker 135.70mph but it was flying well. Norman got a launch, but it stopped after half a lap.
A2-A1 No timed runs.
B1 Angela improved 80.42mph. Pete still having bad launches.

Pete showing how it should be done Tony off to a 'flyer' Pete gets it wrong again

Round 3

A Class Rick didnít run.
A/S Ian ran his red boat after cleaning out the tanks but still having pump problems so back to the workshop.
B Class Ron had a good launch and a good speed 117.19mph which he was happy with.
A/B Ron couldnít get a needle setting so he going to check it out in the workshop.
A3 Tony had nice run, but it was flying a lot 127.16mph. Norman didnít run as picco need the workshop (BIN) as well.
A2 Norman, Steve and Rick didnít run as boats need the workshop to look at engines.
A1 Peteís engine broke and Steve didnít run as saving for the bank holiday weekend.
B1 Angela changed the prop but didnít finish the laps and Pete keeping up the submarine launches.

Another 'flyer' from Tony Rick Benson assisted by brother Rob Third time unlucky as well

Results: B1 Class Angela Gullick 80.42mph A1 Class Steve Poyser 101.47mph A2 Class Norman Lara 90.94mph S40 Class Angela Gullick 102.04 mph
B Class Ron Hankins 117.19mph A3 Class Tony Collins 135.7mph A/S Class Ian Berne 86.95mph

September Regatta

A rather autumnal but picturesque scene greeted us when we arrived at Hall Farm Lake. Everyone got busy setting up and Steve Poyser brought his strimmer to reduce some of the undergrowth that was catching on the bungeeís. Steve and Tony Collins took the drums out of the lake as the pole has settled into the bottom of the lake and the water level is where it should be, it looks much better. The start was slightly delayed as someone forgot the pole (mentioning no names) and had to go home to get it. It was good to welcome Andy Payne to the regatta who came to watch and is very interested in returning to run a boat which is good news.

Round 1

A3 Tony had some nice aerofoils on the front sponson bars that held the front down, but the back of the boat was flying now. Neither Norman Lara, John Hyder nor Stuart Falconer got a run.
A2 Steve had a good run 116.0mph and Norman had an engine conrod let go.
S40 Neither Angela Gullick nor Stuart got a run.
A1 Pete Dirs and John didnít get a run.
B1 Pete was on form again with a submarine launch, Angela didnít get a run.
A/S Ian Berneís boat caught some weed and nose-dived into the lake which bent and broke the rear aerofoils so he was unable to run anymore.

Stuart Falconer gets a bit deep Perfect Picco launch from John Hyder Spot on from Norman Lara as well

Round 2

A3 Unfortunately no-one got a run.
A2 Steve improved to 116.22mph, Norman didnít get a run.
S40 Angela did not finish the laps and Stuart did not run.
A1 Pete had a couple of quick laps but stopped short of completing a timed run. John didnít run.
B1 Neither Pete nor Angela finished their laps.

Tony Collins with a 'flyer' Flash steam launch crew Slightly secondhand steamer

Round 3

A3 John got a run 73.83mph. Neither Tony, Norman nor Stuart got a run.
A2 Steve had a slower run 115.66mph.
S40 Angela got a run 86.28mph, Stuart had problems with the flywheel coming undone.
A1 Pete didnít start, and John didnít run.
B1 Pete and Angela didnít run as it became too cold for the engines.

Stuart goes for the 'aerial' option Three great runs for Steve Poyser Pete Dirs with B1

Results: A2 Steve Poyser 116.22 Sport 40 Angela Gullick 86.28mph A3 John Hyder 78.83mph

October Finale at Hall Farm

What a great turnout for our last regatta at Hall Farm Lake for 2021, despite the chilly weather; lots of competitors turned up along with a few spectators. Everyone helped to set up and Tony got busy with his wizardry fixing the electronic timing machine which seemed reluctant to get going. Steve and Pete bought Norman and Ian some new eyebrows and a moustache! (one of the hazards of running flash steamers) Just look at the pictures! John U made a welcome return, to watch the runs and take some videos. It was good to welcome Andy Payne back again to the regatta who came to watch and brought some mates who are keen to return next year which is very good news. The last job at the end of the regatta was for Bryn and Steve who ventured out in the boat to secure netting around the drainage overflow pipe to keep it clear of unwanted debris.

Now itís back to the workshops to prepare for next yearís season!

Norman and Ian avec extra fungus Steve Poyser gives it a good 'chuck' Ron Hankins' A1 off to a 'flyer'

Round 1

B1 Neither Angela, Bryn or Dave finished their laps. B1S Bryn had some fast laps but didnít finish the 5 laps
A1 Neither Pete or Ron finished their laps but had a couple of quick laps. Stuart got a nice run 77.95mph
A1E Angela had a speed controller problem so will need a new one. Bryn had a new boat and recorded his Personal Best 95.49mph Well Done to Him!
A2 Norman got a nice run 104.46mph. Steve had a bad launch again  S40 Neither Stuart or Bryn finished their laps.
A3 Norman was having a bad day; the Nova Rossi conrod let go again so back to the workshop. Neither Stuart, Tony or John finished their laps.
A/B Ron had a very good run 133.72mph and said he would now put that away till next year.
A Rick Benson was running one of his late father's boats, but it would not start so itís back to the workshop for him.
A/S Ian had a very nice run 109.99mph and the visitors were very impressed as this is what they came to look at.

Recovered to 133mph More Nova Rossi scrap and shrapnel Bryn Colman launching B1S

Round 2

B1 Bryn got a run 67.9mph. Neither Angela or Dave finish their laps, but Dave had a couple of quick laps.
B1S Bryn didnít finish the laps as he had a problem with the needle valve.
A1 Ron, Stuart or Pete didnít finish the laps  A1S Neither Angela or Bryn ran.
A2 Steve had a good run 114.27mph. Norman didnít run as engine went tight so thatís two boats back into the workshop.
S40 Stuart and Bryn didnít run as they decided to run a boat in a different class.
A3 Neither Stuart or John finished their laps. Tonyís boat was lifting at the back and didnít finish the laps.
A/S Ian tried a new prop but it seemed that it was a little too big and stopped after a lap.

Ian Berne's flash steamers Norman launching Well on its way

Round 3

B1 Angela got a slow run 46.73mph. Bryn had a nice run 67.90mph. Dave didnít run any more as he thinks the fuel tank is too small so back into the workshop to check it out.
B1S Bryn had a very good run 83.30mph A1 Ron and Pete didnít run, Stuart got a slower run 73.84mph. A2 Steve didnít finish the laps.
A3 Tony didnít finish the laps. Stuart had a nice run 105.38mph John had a nice run 111.90mph
A/S Ian ran his other boat but didnít pick up speed he thinks the timing is wrong so itís back to the workshop for him as well.

Stuart Falconer Pete Dirs 'where did that go?' Dave Sheldrake B1

It looks like a lot of people will be in their workshops during the winter months. Letís hope they are able to free up some time for Emmerdale and Coronation Street . Thanks to John for taking the videos which will be put on the A/B Facebook site.

Dave's B1 Ian's flash steamer Tony's A3


B1 Bryn Colman 67.9mph B1S  Bryn Colman 83.3mph A1 Stuart Falconer 77.95mph A1E Bryn Colman 95.79mph A2 Steve Poyser 114.27mph
A3 Stuart Falconer 105.38mph A/B Ron Hankins 133.72mph AS Ian Berne 109.99mph

Thank you to Norman Lara and Angela Gullick for all the reports, results and super action photos throughout the season.