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Hall Farm Lake

April 2nd

What a lovely day at the lake for the start of the 2022 regatta season – just a shame it was absolutely freezing though! Thank Crunchy we remembered our Stanley thermos! The select hardy (or just plain bonkers) few that arrived at the meeting were well wrapped up and we got started with putting in the safety notices made by Norman Lara, putting up the wind breaks to keep the wind chill away and poles made by Steve Poyser to keep the cables that were not in use tidy.

Before starting the runs, we took a break to remember our Ukrainian friends who are going through so much now, and took a picture to show our solidarity with them.

John Underwood became stuck in the mud when he was retrieving his boat but luckily, Steve was on hand for the emergency rescue!

The cold weather did affect the runs (and the competitors) so there were not as many rounds as usual but it was a beautifully dry day all day and we finished shortly after 4pm.

Solidarity Line storage Safety equipment

Round 1

We started with the A2 Pete Dirs ran his vintage boat but no luck as the head seal leaked. Steve Poyser ran his new engine but it was very rich, John Underwood ran his OPS boat but like Steve’s it ran rich so no times were recorded

S40 Stuart Falconer was the only one running a S40 and he had a bad launch.

A3 Stuart did not finish the laps. John had a good opening run 110.45 mph, Norman broke a fuel needle so could not tune the engine.

A/S Ian Berne had water pump problems with his flash steamer so did not run.

A bit windy? Essential supplies First run of the season?


Round 2

A2 Steve had a good run at 112.50 mph, John did not finish the laps, Norman had a bad miss fire so didn’t run anymore.

S40 Stuart had a nice run at 72.91mph but lost the tail fin and the propeller came off.

A3 Stuart did not run anymore as a front bearing broke up, John did not finish the laps, Norman did not run.

A1E Angela had a very good run 111.52 mph so this is going to be put away until it gets warmer.

A/S Ian tried the other boat but it also had pump problems

Pete launches his vintage ETA Stuart Falconer with a 'flyer' Steve gets his A2 away perfectly

Round 3

A2 John got a nice run 91.42mph; Steve did not finish the laps

S40 Stuart did run

A3 John improved his speed 111.17mph

A/S Ian did not run as pump problems so back to the workshop for him.

John Underwood launching John being 'retrieved' by Steve Norman launching his A2

Results: A2 Class Steve Poyser 112.5mph John Underwood 91.42mph S40 Class Stuart Falconer 72.91mph
            A1E Class Angela Gullick 111.52mph A3 Class John Underwood 111.17mph


April 23rd

A good turnout today, it was slightly warmer than the first regatta but oh so windy!  Although the various windbreakers helped to shield some of the competitors from the effects of the weather, it did not help the lake, this was very choppy, so as a result runs were few and far between. It was nice to see everyone and have a catch up – roll on the warmer weather! Thanks to Tony Collins for his great photography work – capturing what was happening on the lakeside.

Rick Benson 30cc A Class Ian Berne A steamer Many hands make flash steamer work, unfortunately no!

Round 1 We started with:

A3 Tony Collins did not finish the laps, John Hyder's engine flywheel came loose, John Underwood's engine was too lean and Norman Lara did not run
A2 Steve Poyser's engine was a little rich so no time recorded; neither Norman nor John U ran.
S40 Bryn Colman had a nice run and he was happy
A Rick Benson had needle problems so did not finish
A/S Ian Berne still having boiler and pump problems 

The offending pumps Steve Poyser gets his A2 away Norman launches Ian's steamer

Round 2

A3 John H had problems tuning the Picco, John U tried a different prop but no luck, Tony’s boat was jumping and flying, so back to the drawing board. Norman did not run
A2 Steve got a nice run, John and Norman did not run.
S40 Bryn did not run as engine mounts came loose.
A Rick had a timed run (the time beat his speed)
A/S Ian tried the other boat but still boiler and pumps not working right so Norman and Steve have offered to TRY to sort out the problems.
A1E Bryn had a good run I think his PB bent the sponson bars

Rick Benson A Class John Underwood A3 Bryn Colman S40

Round 3

No one ran in round 3 as the wind picked up

Results: A2 Class Steve Poyser 100.7mph A1E Class Bryn Colman 79.22mph

Thanks to Angela Gullick and Norman Lara for the reports, results and super photos.