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Pit Box 2018

Missing Link?

Usually, the 5cc Falcon from 1066 Products is found in kit form in a long rectangular, partitioned box. It is believed that there were a number supplied ready to run from the factory and we wonder if this was indeed the box for one such? The box and labelling look original and it is unlikely a kit of parts would have been packed in this way, so we can be reasonably confident that this indeed an original package for a factory produced motor. Just as a number of alternative boxes have turned up for the MRC car kit, so this adds more to the 1066 story and the knowledge of this company. Still looking for the 24" hydro.

                                                                     Thanks to Eric Offen for this item March 2018


A trio of B1 Airscrew boats. Mike Drinkwater was largely responsible for getting the MPBA to rescind its ban on airscrew boats and have them accepted back into competition in 1967. On the left, what we believe to be a Merlin', centre an 'Axilla design from 1957 and lastly a stretched 'Express'. These three boats were offered for sale in the latest Retro Club magazine, just add suitable 2.5cc motors and go racing.
                                                                                                     Thanks to Keith Bragg and Peter hill for these items, Feb 2018


ETA 5 Twin: Amongst a large quantity of original material from the Bedford family were a series of sketches of modifications and additional parts to enable two 5cc ETA diesels to be mounted in a tethered car. Both engines were mounted individually but with the cylinder of the forward one reversed so that both motors shared a single venturi and needle valve. The engines were geared together driving the rear axle through a single flywheel and clutch. The second photo shows the installation, although whether the car was ever finished or run remains open to conjecture. Notes on the back of the sketches indicate that this was all the work of a Mr Rutherford from Belfast.                                                  Thanks to Miles Patience for the drawings and photos. Jan 2018