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Pit Box 2017

Cloisonné treasure

Most model engineering societies and clubs produced enamel badges but there were far fewer specialist car clubs and as yet, this example is unique. That is is from the Surrey Club makes it even more fascinating as this was one of the earliest clubs formed. It came into being in 1947 essentially to allow members of the Pioneer Club to run outdoors on the track at Christmaspie.

OTW has already published details of the Club's chequered history, with original photos from the Westbury Archive and the late John Carter who was the owner of the badge shown here.
Thanks to Alan MacMillan for providing this item.                                               May 2017


Elegant flash steamer
Beneath the damaged paintwork is a really elegant stepped hull, reminiscent of the full sized racing boats of the 20s and 30s. The motor is a homebuilt, high speed twin with a shuttle inlet and exhaust valve coupled to a similarly well engineered set of pumps. A petrol/paraffin vaporizing blowlamp and tank occupy the transom area but the steam generator is unfortunately missing. Nothing more is known about the boat, but what a fascinating and worthwhile restoration project it will make. Thanks to Dennis Ling for this item and the superb set of photos. April 2017


'Curly carb' variation

This unusual treatment of the Tiger inlet system was by B V Harris of Bristol. It is difficult to believe it improved  on the Oliver venturi and would require a new housing and a purpose made crankshaft for the right side as that is running anticlockwise.  Makes for a very long inlet tract as well and does all sorts to the gas velocity?

Another gem, courtesy of Jim March 2017


Ron Thrower's Oliver special
Ron was one of the youngest British competitors and very successful with his Oliver 'Bottoms Up' car, running in both 1.5cc and 2.5cc classes by changing the twinshaft motor. He won silver medals in each class at the 1954 European Championships at Woodside near Luton. Following this he decided that the Oliver car could be improved for the smaller class by making the car narrower and longer to improve road holding. Rather than cast up a new chassis he built this lovely little GRP flyer that he described in Model Maker. Large lump of lead still needed.
                                                                                                   Thanks also to Jim Hampton for this item. OTW photo Feb 2017


Tethered Hydro Class E 2.5cc 'Tiny'

We have featured this boat before, but then it was minus its 2.5cc Supertigre engine. 'Tiny' and its builder Jim Hampton share the distinction of being the the only medal winners to date in the smallest E or A1 Class at either a World or European Championships. The SuperTigre was a very successful motor in both cars and hydroplanes from the 1950s through to the late 70s
Thanks to Jim for this item. OTW photo Jan 2017