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Pit Box 2019

ERA surprise

One of those, how much is it worth, enquiries that exceeded all expectations. In 'found' condition with a distinctly non original McCoy motor and no other internals, number 1168 made a remarkable £2015 on ebay in Dec 2018. Comparing this with what other ERA models have made and it would have been impossible to anticipate this result. Over £1500 more expensive that the complete and restored one sold at Bonhams
Thanks to David Horner for this item and photos Mar 2019


Mauled Magpie

This was one of the 35 or so 15cc, Magpie engines built by Gerald Smith between 1947 and 1949. At some stage it arrived on the ground at a great rate of knots, destroying the front half of the crankcase. The owner then cast up a new front housing that more or less matched and machined it to fit the existing parts. All the twiddly ignition bits and mounts were presumably damaged at the same time and not replaced. The current mounts are fabricated from steel. 

Once worth a considerable amount of money, but what price now, other than as a curiosity? The original engine plate was retained and the engine bears the serial number 297.

                                      Thanks to Dick Roberts for this item. OTW photo Feb 2019


An Atom and two 'wotzits'

The first bit was easy, most of a Westbury designed Atom 3 with a V cylinder, missing the rotary valve and case. The others, a nicely made, spark ignition, RRV two stroke and the other, possibly a high speed flash steam motor. Can anyone help further please?

Thanks to Peter Gane for items and photos.  Jan 2019