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Tight Lines

Measurement, Inspection and Registration.

Any tethered car that is going to be run at a FEMA meeting has to be registered and carries a unique chassis number. Registration is based on a 'data sheet' that has to be completed by the technical delegate of the country the car is to be registered in. This sheet requires important features to be measured, such as the bridle and screws, fuel knock off and tail skid. Also, other features have to be checked to ensure conformity to the rules but are yes/no tick boxes. Each car is also checked at a European Championship meeting and at the start of each season. In addition, the cars have to be inspected visually to ensure that there are no obvious safety issues. In Switzerland, this is undertaken at the Tell Meeting on the Saturday, whilst in the UK all drivers gather together to get the cars checked and deal with the paperwork.

Lots of talking between the official bits Oliver checking bridle dimensions on a Class 3 car

This is a huge undertaking for the technical delegates, yet is essential as we discovered in Hannover, where many cars that had supposedly been checked and were registered failed the official inspection.  This year, all car and driver registrations have to be made 'online', meaning less paper and current registrations can be checked at www.speedmodelcar.org

News from Australia April 2019

Hi Norm,

Appreciate you forwarding the new Airscrew B1 model and just awaiting the arrival of the new motor to install and set up. Progress has been slow due to being ill over the January break and heat being in the mid 40 every day. We were able to access the old centre and remove it for the concrete base for inspection and repair. The images below show the mounting before removal and the position we must move the concrete base to ensure we comply to the Naviga Rules.

You can see the water level is a lot lower at this time since the centres was removed in the images below from our visit today at the Model Park.

Was great to have David Sheldrake visit us over the last couple weeks, we were able to catch up at my place to have a look at the workshop model and work in progress.

Had to check his pockets on the way out. He couldn’t believe how heavy the old tether cars were and my special necklace of blown up parts. We did get time to look at the modern cars and talked about set-ups and differences with the tether boats. Great sharing of information for a novice like myself.

After a couple of T Bone stakes on the BBQ, naughty potatoes - as well as dessert we were ready to head out to the Model Park for the April Open Day on the Sunday.

Dave looking at 'Sunbeam', hull carved from the solid

Dave was keen to check out the old flash steam tether boat in our museum and the other displays in our main club house.

The Model Park has amazing facilities. As well as the tethered car track and the lake there is a U Drive O gauge railway, 7 1/4 and 5 inch ground level passenger railway, 2 ½, 3 ½ gauge Elevated Railway, Control Line Airplane circle  and a ¼ Scale off road buggy track - brand new set-up for Australian Championships in May 2019. Dave was impressed with the watering system and the engineering of our members.

Right: Belvedere motor by W.J. Smith and Dave in front of the 100 years monument - 1906 to 2006

Well that's about it for now. Regards. Craig Tulloch SSME, Sydney Australia.

Old Warden Mayfly

A conflict of dates and coming from the other end of the country saw OTW at Old Warden rather than the Retro track day. Still plenty of tethered car action on the compass circle with Bill Langley and Paul Harris. The mounting lugs for testing the Merlin engine have now gone and Bill travelled up a day early to patch up the track to give a reasonable running surface.

Bill with 'Wee 2'  Elfin model Steve Betney judging Shark nose Ferrari

Cars were still a bit skittish though. Paul had a Bluebird and a sharknose Ferrari, both using cantilevered engines on a single backbone chassis. Armed with a majestic push stick, both ran round happily for lap after lap proving an interesting alternative construction method. Bill had a full set of Parry Thomas replicas, including Babs,  2A and a Wee 2 replicas and a number of Russian school cars with ED Racer motors.

Ferrari running gear Sidewinder 'Blubird' Paul Harris

Very much a gathering of the clans, with several BTCA members in attendance, including David Giles and Dave Cunliffe who had just 'run up' from Bristol for the day. Also good to see speed flyer and hydro man Dave Smith wandering round with his 'pitman' and chief mechanic Taff Bolen. A very welcome visitor was Alex Phin with examples of his new 2.5cc twinshaft car motor that he is producing. Further details of this exciting venture are available on the 'spares page'.

Alex Phin with motor New 2.5cc twinshaft Dave Cunliffe and David Giles

Victoria Park Hydro Regatta

We held the second hydroplane regatta of the season at Victoria Park on the 26th May. The water was a bit rough to start off as wind direction was coming straight down the lake. Ricky Neal had two consistent runs at 93mph with his A1 despite the conditions that were far from ideal for these small boats. John Underwood also had some good speeds with his A1 & Sport 40 with two runs at the same 81mph. Pete Dirs had little success with either his A1 or vintage ETA. Stewart Falconer continued his succession of good runs with his Sport 40 topping out at 89mph, but no luck with his A1. Dave Sheldrake tried to run his B1Sport but with no luck as he kept blowing plugs. 

John Underwood surveys the waves Stuart Falconer with A1 and S40 Rick explains the procedure

Ricky Neal’s brother-in-law Zeke was very keen to have a go so he ran the OPS Sport40 club boat and had 2 good launches and good speeds with a best run of 73mph. In the afternoon Ian Searle’s son asked if he could have a go and he also had 2 perfect launches, so the club boat has still 100% launches. Both are keen to come again and they both asked for drawings as well. In the afternoon the water was significantly calmer.

Four more successful launches with the  OPS 'have a go' Sport 40. Rick Neal instructing

Leading Speeds

A1 Class Rick Neal; Soloviev 93.94mph John Underwood; Rossi 81.45mph
Sport 40 Class Stuart Falconer 89.27mph John Underwood 72.4mph
Guest- Zeke 73.27mph Guest- Kian 69.33mph

Thanks to Norman Lara for the report, results and photos.