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Photo of the month

'Vintage' Lambert/Hyder hydro

For a while in the late 80s and into the 90s, there was a flourishing Vintage Class of hydros racing. This catered for original boats and modern reproductions with a pre 63 cut off date for both the design or build of the boat and the motor. Original boats such as the French Spido and Bill Everitt's 30cc Melody used to compete against modern replicas of Malfatti's Flash, Souza's Zephyr and, most popular of all, the Lambert Hyder design seen above.

This was conceived and designed by Ken Hyder and Peter Lambert as a simple but effective entry into the 5cc class around 1958, primarily with ETA 29 motors and later scaled up for the 10cc Class. McCoy, Hornet and early Rossi motors were much in evidence and easily matched the record speeds of the 50s. Modern props did improve the speed of most of the designs, but at the cost of regular flips. In the photo, we see one of the regular entrants, Dick Cooper's lovely version of the Lambert/Hyder design, probably at Southend. The McCoy was the most common motor in the modern era, but Dick's boat was fitted with a Nordec. Any clues as to where it is now please?

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