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Photo of the month


Coronation Park. Crosby

The Regatta in 1953 I think. You will find Jimmy Jones (holding 'Mambo'), Colin Stanworth senior to Jones' left  and Bob Mitchell holding Beta IV. David Innes (my dad) is kneeling in the second row middle. 
John Innes

Crosby Lake was still in use for the odd, unofficial hydro run until relatively recently. A flash steamer appeared at a modelling exhibition that reputedly 'emptied half Crosby Lake'.

Notes on the boats: Oh-Blah-Dee and Mambo are both by Jimmie Jones of the Maghull Club with his Meteor style square finned 10cc engines. Colin Stanworth was from Bournville BV15 and Mitchell from Runcorn RU1. One of the strangest coincidences is that the two boats with integral sponsons just to the right of centre were from the same Club WY18 and WY2 and both appeared on eBay in 2012 from the same vendor, but with new names.

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