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I'd like one of these

No matter which branch of modelling that is involved there always seems to be a marked and vociferous divergence of opinion regarding the merits of building or buying? One correspondent writing to a national magazine even went so far as to say that it was 'cheating' to buy a model, rather than mek it thesen. In the world of tethered hydroplanes, these very opposite stances still exist, although it does not extend to motors now as it did when George Stone had the effrontery to use a Dooling seventy years ago.

In 1975, the European Championships were held at Welwyn Garden City in the UK, offering western enthusiasts the chance to buy some of the fastest boats in the world. To some, an ideal opportunity, to others a total anathema. Here we see Stuart Robinson and Ian Berne contemplating Vladimir Gavva's A3 boat. As Ian had just beaten Gavva to take the bronze medal, he was not tempted, but Stuart succumbed and still owns the boat to this day.

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