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Buckminster Tether Car Track

Saturday 18th July Running Day

The track as it is now, it's not finished, always something to do. It now looks good, and ready for use when the BMFA opens the site for day visitors in early August.

I thought with the new track at Buckminster my now old and battered Cobra car would be going into retirement. I have treated myself to a timing system that was made in Russia for me so I needed something that would go round and round consistently to set the timing system up. I was given the set up informatiom with the unit and it worked first time.

For those worried about social distancing it’s the Monk family group watching it work for the first time.

Our two trainees, Jan horsing and Jane pushing the Cobra off, with me and Alex Phin watching them work the way round the track until the car starts.

Me, preparing my Mercedes car which I built pretty much on the kitchen table and wrote about a few months ago. The first run was a bit lean and under compressed, gave it some more fuel and a bit more compression and it was quick. It didn’t record a speed as it spent more time in the air flying, not from the tiny bumps in the track as it was taking off in random places around the track and did the engine rev when it was flying? It ended upside down and the shut off worked saving the engine from a shaft run. Just needs re-polishing, and me not being so over enthusiastic with the settings.

Jan’s lovely little Oliver Two-Five with his own home built twinshaft engine. He looks surprised as it started first push.

Aaron horsing the Oliver Two-Five and Jan stopping it at the end of the run. The timing unit is on top of the blue wall and the sensor is under the high-tech mounting system (brick) at the edge of the track

This is the only picture of Aaron's 1.5cc Russian kit car running, but it nicely shows what the timing system does. L009 is the run reference, R024 is the number of laps he did, 147.73 is the average speed in kph over the timed 500 metres (8 laps). V is the current lap speed and finally Vm is the fastest lap It is capable of storing 15,000 laps a maximum speed of 450 kph and a minimum of 28 kph all the data can be downloaded onto a computer and viewed lap by lap.

This is the third time this small group of season ticket holders have run cars on the track, Buckminster will be open to day ticket holders in August.

Anyone is welcome to join us, we keep in contact by email. If you want to join us, just send me an email and I will then let you know when we are planning to meet up to run cars. oliver.monk@btinternet.com