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Photo Album

Inaugural Meeting of the Eight Model Car Club

The Eight Model Car Club was formed in December 1950 with the opening public meeting being on June 9th 1951 at St John's Hall in Whetstone. The 110 foot long track was designed and built in twenty eight sections by club member Mr Kedgeley, who was also responsible for the North London Club's NORDROMO circuit. The track used flat strip rails with the guides on the cars being offset, American style, with the banking at 25 degrees based on a speed of 30mph. For legal reasons, the use of circular rail and centrally mounted guides or 'zonkers' had not been used although this did become almost universal, once Alban Adams had licensed the design for use by clubs.

Four rail figure of eight track Car line-up for the opening meeting
S C Palmer 1cc homebuilt engine, chassis and body. Approx. 250 miles to date
Guy Woodhouse 1.5cc Albon, ZN wheels Stan Kedgley 1cc homebuilt engine, 300miles to date
Stan Kedgley 1cc own design engine and chassis Stan Kedgley homebuilt engine and chassis, 2:1 gears
Bert Miller .8cc homemade engine Guy Woodhouse 1cc ED bee 1066 gearbox, ZN wheels
 Bert Miller 1cc homebuilt engine, direct drive to one wheel S C Palmer 1cc ED bee, ZN wheels, balsa body
L C Strong 1cc engine from Colson castings, Junero wheels S C Palmer 1.5cc Javelin, tyres from rubber heels

Thanks to Miles Patience for these photographs and the original description sheet, still together after 60 or more years.