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Photo Album

 Personalities from tethered hydroplane racing

Mons' Gems Suzor regular visitor from Paris Menant, Colin Stanworth and Suzor at St Albans

Suzor was a regular visitor to Victoria and St Albans from the 1920s to the 1960s

Andrew Rankine from Ayr, 'Oigh Alba' Harold Puntis with 'Firefly' RHR 'Bob' Curwen with Elf

Andrew Rankine was another great traveller, coming all the way down from Ayr to compete at regattas
Harold Puntis produced some very unusual boats including one entirely from aluminium sheet
Bob Curwen ran tethered cars and hydros, using the same engine in both. Elf still exists but without the motor

'Doc' English Mr Mitchell from Runcorn
Tom Dalziel with Jim Bamford and ?  Pauline Husbands Frank Waterton and Dickie Phillips
John Benson and Mike de B Daly GG Harris with 'Husky' who are the others?

Mike Daly dominated the 15cc class from 1954 to 1972 winning the Miniature Speed Trophy fifteen times

Peter Lambert Leslie Pinder with 'Rednip' Len Lara

Leslie Pinder was another dual competitor running cars and boats and the first to 80mph with a tethered vehicle