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Photo Album

Where Are They Now?

As well as the incredibly detailed scale models he is probably better known for, Henri Baigent also produced very accurate tethered and rail racing cars such as this Bugatti. Jack Morgan's 5cc 'Vixen', found in a dress shop in South London
 in 2006. Sold in 2008 in the US on eBay. 5cc homebuilt RRV motor, Dunlop Fort tyres.

Two Arthur Weaver Cooper Bristols

One of a pair of Cooper Bristol cars built by Arthur Weaver for the Wayne Myers company. This example we believe is in the US and was featured in 'Spindizzies'. The second is in Australia, but stripped of its paintwork and missing the correct rear wheels. Arthur's own version, loaned to the Stratford Upon Avon Motor Museum, minus ETA 29 engine, until stolen in 1990. The photo above was taken more recently, so we know it has reappeared,
but where?
Ken Robinson's RTD (Robinson, Thomson Design) Entirely homebuilt and was included in the Miquel de Rancougne sale in 2004, not seen since. Guy Rickard's McCoy Special, later raced by Bernard Manley. Sold on eBay in 2006.

A pair of Austin 750 GP cars

The Austin built by Captain Stubbs and featured as a constructional chapter in Model Car Manual. 10cc Hornet motor. Found at a car boot sale in Stubb's home county, Derbyshire, and sold on eBay in 2006 Wonderful four cylinder, semi scale, version built by Eric Snelling
of the Edmonton Club. Appeared in 'Spindizzies' in 1998.

H.C. (Carl) Wainwright


Carl Wainwright of Leicester was a prolific builder of near scale tethered cars, producing at least nine in the years immediately following the Second World War. This is even more remarkable when there was so little in the way of commercial activity, meaning that he also built six of the engines from scratch, as well as the clutches, gearboxes and transmissions. We know that six of his better known cars survived into the 1980s as this Polaroid line up shows. A later photo places them all in the US, but from there on, it all becomes a little hazy.


The Alfette, originally fitted with a homebuilt 5cc motor and transmission, changed at some stage for the McCoy from his Maserati.
Featured in 'Spindizzies in 1998
Appeared on eBay in 2014, having been very badly treated in the intervening years, sold for $8,800
Ferrari. Dooling 61? Alfa Romeo
'Black Wasp' built in the style of a GP car and run primarily by
Violet Wainwright. 5cc homebuilt motor with chain drive.
Cyril Catchpole's first competition car. Built without access to a workshop or machine tools. 10cc McCoy motor and modified 1066 body pressing.

Missing from these photos is the E type ERA with a Gerald Smith 10cc Lapwing engine and the McCoy powered
4 CLT Maserati although they are both present in the two 'group' photos we have been sent.
In addition, there was a Mercedes and two ALTA cars, but we believe they were sold on by Carl many years ago.