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Like many European countries, France had a number of tethered car tracks until relatively recently. The cliff top track at Dieppe (bottom of page),  which had two concentric circles to allow for different line lengths for the larger cars, hosted the European Championships, as did Cachan in Paris. Horst Denneler is seen here pushing off his 10cc car in Paris in the late 80s, just before the track closed. The lack of any safety fencing round most of the circle is quite obvious.

Not a lot of protection Interested spectators
Manfred Pfefferle Shell fuel and Kronenbourg Fencing in front of the pits

The next two photos show the two different styles of pan, still in use today. Traditionally, all four wheels had to be outside the pan, leading to relatively long axles. Firstly the front wheels were brought inboard, getting ever closer until now they are effectively one wheel. The rears were gradually brought as close to the pan as possible, and then waisted pans cast to allow the bodyshell to cover much of the wheel and tyre. The final stage was to have the rears inside the pan as well with just a tiny portion showing underneath.

Reversed SuperTigre motor, wheels outside pan OPS motor, wheels inside pan
View of the council depot and adjacent houses Manfred Pfefferle, Michel and Celestin Duran

For a while several competitors experimented with having the front wheels extended beyond the pan, usually with a sprung rocker arm for suspension. The bulk of the cars had the wheels stuck out in the fresh air, but Horst Denneler's example below right has the body also extended to streamline the wheels. Not the most attractive period for cars. Also worth noting is that a number of cars had the fuel tanks pressurised from the tuned pipe, via the long thin pipe seen here in the left hand photo.

Extended wheel base All enveloping body

The Dieppe track was immediately beside a road with housing on the other side. Beyond the trees was the municipal camping and caravan site, now a golf club. We had walked past here on numerous occasions before realising what it was.

Circles and horsing circle still in existence Twin circles, no aprons

We would like to illustrate the development in the design of tethered cars that took place between the 1950s and the Dooling/Moore style cars, through to the arrival of the tuned pipe streamliners in the 70s. This period of around twenty years has had very little coverage either for cars or boats, so any photos of the period or news of cars that could be photographed would be very much appreciated.

Photos from the late Geoff Sheppard and through the generosity of David Giles