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Photo Album

European Championships 1978
Gavle, Sweden

 The picture above was taken at Gavle at the Euro Champs in 1978 by Guido Sarrolli with his Hasselblad of which he was very proud!
Kindly forwarded by David Giles, seen here extreme left, at his first European Championship

Horst Denneler Georg Fausch Harald Arlautzki

Two more multiple champions, Harald Arlautzki winning his first in 10cc in1968 and Horst Denneler in 1973
It would not be until 1987 in Lyon that Georg Fausch became a Champion, winning the 2.5cc Class.

Ted Magaic and Phil McDonald Garold Frymire

European Championships have long hosted guest runners from the USA and Australia although they are unable to be included in the rankings.

Rolf Hagel Lothar and Jurgen Runkehl Anita Astrom

Rolf Hagel had already won two Championships in 2.5cc in 1975 and 1976 but this was to be the first of his three 10cc crowns.
Anita Astrom became the European champion in the 5cc class giving the host nation two Champions.

J. McDonald, Magaic, Frymire and Bengt Abrahamson Michel and Danielle Duran

Danielle Duran was the reigning 2.5cc Champion, having won in Basel in 1977 and would go on to make it a hat trick in Lyon in 1979,
 setting a number of records in the process.

Guido Sarolli and Gualtiero Picco Adi Mallik David Giles, Adi looks on

Within a year, David Giles was European Champion in the 5cc Class and European Record holder.

Fred Kirschner Lothar Runkehl

Lothar Runkehl had won four championships in 1.5 and 2.5cc prior to Gavle, the earliest at Zurich in 1963.
 He and Jan-Erik Falk are now the longest standing champions still running with Jan-Erik winning his first in 1961 at Gavle