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This site is dedicated to gathering and recording  information from around the British Isles relating to tethered cars, tethered hydroplanes, the engines that powered them, and the personalities involved.

Tether car racing was at the peak of its popularity in Britain for 10 years from 1946 but rapidly declined until just one track remained, which closed in the 70's.  It is still pursued as a specialist sport in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Russell SS100

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Model hydroplanes however have been built and raced in this country continuously from the late 19th century to the present day. Tethered boats can be seen running at venues around Britain and on the continent.

Circa 1930's Margaret




Enthusiasts from all walks of life produced cars, boats and engines that stand as a tribute to their  craftsmanship. Much now lays forgotten on shelves, in attics, sheds, and sometimes only in the memories of those that participated.

The aim is to discover and preserve as much as possible of this valuable material before it is too late.

1066 Falcon 2



The site also hosts sections dedicated to providing material, information, resources and reports on current tethered hydroplane and tethered car racing activities. The homepages for each can be accessed directly via the racing links left.

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