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Retro Racing Club Gallery Page

Exotica on Display in 2019

Tasty treats on sale Original Oliver twin 'Busy' and a Slabang
Original Oliver Tiger Two-Five  Eastern European aircar
Ken Procter 'Beretta Rosso' replica Oliver 1.5cc conversion kit 'Tiger Two Five' with repro RVB motor
ED Racer powered 'teardrop' 1954 Tiger Mk II Italian record holder 1961/2
Parra powered aircar Russian aircar K12 powered record holder
Eastern aircars Neat 2.5 ZN car with PAW power Latvian KMD powered aircar

Cars in the pipeline for 2020

A K12 powered proa and potential record breaker. More superb work from John Goodall

Original Pratley ERA, engine as yet unidentified
Eureka powered 'skeleton' Complete Russian E1 lurking in a box of bits 5cc ETA ZN, John Goodall body
Plate chassis with damped front suspension Awaiting warmer weather and epoxy delivery
Mills 1.3cc Aircar Russian 1.5cc with full suspension. Note total lack of exhaust or stub
KMD powered Chaparal 2F Can Am car, Denneler type sprung gearbox, sorted and painted
Vanwall on Redfin chassis by John Goodall Russian 2.5cc again no exhaust or pipe