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Concours d' M & E Cars

M & E. Special

Twenty-five Special body versions have been identified at present, the majority fitted with Stentor motors.

M & E. ERA

The ERA 'special order' body is much rarer with just eight examples discovered so far.

M & E. Challenger


Although a 'standard' body there are only ten Challengers known to exist. 

M & E. Austin


The ultimate rarity is the scale Austin with just the two above found so far.

M & E. Wasp

Wasps are relatively common although several have been in 'barn find' condition.

Thanks to Ron Reiter for this unique M&E line up. Owat motor as seen in M & E publicity

A few of the varied engine installations that have been noted

Standard 6cc Stentor Early 5cc K Vulture MK V ETA 29? Frog 500 Keil K6


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