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Who’s who in tethered hydroplanes



Norman Lara

Norman is currently Chairman of the tethered hydroplane section of the MPBA. Holder of the A3 Class record at a speed of 141.07mph set in 2014. Gold Medal in A3 and Silver Medal in A2 at European Championships 2008. Double silver medallist at the 2013 World Championships. Silver medal in A3 at the 2014 European Championships. In July 2014 Norman broke his long standing A3 record at 141.07mph, becoming the first run at over 140mph in this country, which set a new outright hydroplane record. A very active member of the Victoria Club and has been very closely involved in getting the new Althorne lake venue up and running.

How did you start in Hydro’s?

Been racing since I was ten, my whole family used to be involved in the hydro scene. Every Sunday, Len my father would take mum, my sister and me on the bus to the Victoria Club, loaded down with gear. Father participated in all the classes, mum in 5cc and 10, while sister ran a 5.

Norman's father worked for Chubbs and it was a family joke that he was a 'professional safe breaker' as he used to be employed to open the safes for people who had lost their keys.

What made you choose the A3 class to compete in? (C restricted is now A3)

So I could compete against Terry Everitt.

What engines do you run?

OPS and Picco

Hulls, built to your own design, or based on someone else’s plan?

Built to my own design

Which win has given you the most satisfaction?

Winning the silver medal in 1993 at the World Championships in Poland.

Do you have an engineering background?

Yes, did an apprenticeship in mechanical and electrical engineering with Robert Rigby. After that I then ran a dry cleaning company.
(Robert Rigby, manufacturers and suppliers of film, video and audio equipment)

Thanks to Norman for bravely submitting to the interview chair without the aid of a safety net or waders.
Thanks to Terry Everitt, and Norman for the use of the late Vic Collins' photos