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Who’s who in tethered hydroplanes.

Norman...........John DeMott...................................................

John is currently Midland secretary of the tethered hydroplane section of the MPBA. Former A Class record holder.

How did you start in Hydro’s?

After going to Naul’s Mill Park regattas in Coventry in the 50’s and reading all information, which in those days was in the Model Engineer magazine.

What made you choose the classes you are competing in?

Home built engines were required for A, B and C Classes

What engines do you run?

Own design and build 10, 15, 30cc

Hulls, built to your own design, or based on someone else’s plan?

Own design

Which win has given you the most satisfaction?

France 2000, 133mph with 10cc own built engine, which I believe is the highest speed for own built engine.
Also holding the 30cc world record at 123.73mph for 8 years from 1991.

Do you have an engineering background?


Current ambition?

To survive, and help others in this great hobby

What do you consider to be the most crucial element in getting a boat to run quickly?

Good preparation, plenty of testing and NEVER give in.

Is there any boat from the past you would have liked to have seen run?

George Lines', Big Sparky

Immensely powerful 30cc motor The only homebuilt motor run in A3 George Lines with 'Big Sparky'