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Oliver Monk

  International tethered car racing 2016

The World and European Championships 2016, a different view

In the picture are Diana Kochanauskas and Otto Strobel. While her husband Raimondas was busy racing tether cars Diana was busy with her camera. Diana has very kindly given me a copy of the photographs, hence the title.

The venue Pila Poland
Raimondas at scrutineering all cars were checked And checked for weight before each run
Swedish team in the pits
 Wayne Burns Walter Roeder
Nikolai Kubasov and Jan-Erik Falk getting in close
John Walker checking over one of Linasís new panís Ted Macaig and Jan-Erik Falk
The for sale table. Nice junior 2.1cc car for sale. The items for sale changed daily

Some of the fast drivers

Evgeni Soloviev, Andrei Usanov Ando Rohtmets,Mart Sepp, Andrii Smolnykov
 Davia and Edvard Stelling Linas Adomavicius and Marek Fechner Natalia and Urs Bach
IstvŠn Janků, Christoph Zaug, Peter Arlautzki, Raimondas, Linas, Wayne Me buying a twin shaft diesel  Horst Denneler
Volker Besang, Thomas Finn  Alberto Adreani, Gianmauro Castagnetti,
Marino Vavassori and Steve Turley
Roland Bendel and Nils Bjork Three of the organisers taking a well-deserved break
Gabor Dobrosci, Dieter Hecht , Gyorgyi Bondor Aaron Monk talking to Dilyan and Iliya Tsarski

I was talking to Wayne Burns from down under and he said the atmosphere at the race was fantastic and how friendly everyone was.

This was my second World and European champs and I really enjoyed it, as usual one of my cars went well in practice but not in the main event, despite the best effort of my horser Anatoli Shlapoberski from Russia.

Well, itís just less than three years before the next World Champs in Brisbane Australia, hope to be going.

The full results are on www.speedmodelcar.com

Winter Race Tallinn December 2016

This is one of my favourite races and itís a great way to end the tether car racing season. This year it had a good entry of 80 cars it was going to be busy day getting two rounds in.

The pits where inside the youth house nice and warm and made for good atmosphere lots of chatting and a little trade being done.


Getting a close look at Mart Seppís latest generation Class 3 car.
Martís World record holding car has a new home in Sweden.

Tűnu Sepp Aaron Monk and I the back end of Hannes car being used to keep the tether cars warm prior to going onto the track. In the other picture, Anders Martinelle and Aaron.

The juniors starting up their 2.5cc car prior to going on the track.
Got it going round but waited too long before pressing the button.

Our President horsing, track condition were a challenge particularly for the 10cc cars. As soon as the pipe started working they lost traction and often the glow plug. The smaller cars fared better as long as the glow plug survived. They would accelerate up, lose traction, accelerate again until they got to around 180 kph then the tether arm wing would start working and the traction problem disappeared and good speeds were recorded. For results see speedmodelcar.

We all had a good days racing most went home with nothing broken. The evening do was held in a Russian restaurant in the centre of Tallinn.

The vodka flowed freely. The dancing girls danced.

What a great way to end the seasons racing.

Special thanks to the Tether Car Club in Tallinn and all the people who made this great day work so well.

For YouTube clip click here