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 Glenn Bransby

Reports on
SSME tether car action

2017 Season

2016 Australian Championships and Harold King nominated speed event.

A cloudy Sunday morning in Sydney and the weatherman spoke of the chance of showers during the day then to our delight no rain all day. Craig Tulloch, Doug Sinclair and Glenn Bransby  had an early start to set up the equipment for the day's race meeting then the Queenslanders arrived, first being John and Graeme Walker along with Ron and Scott Clydesdale in one car and Dave Chadwick with his wife Debbie. Sydney members in attendance on Sunday being Doug Sinclair, Mark Osborne, Kevin Barker, Karl Sepetauc,, Maggie, David and Carol James, Brian McKellar, Dave Williams and Glenn Bransby who all ran cars. Craig Tulloch, Rick Munro and Alan Barnes helped out with cable changes and 3 minute timer.

John Walker getting his car ready

David and Maggie James talk tactics

Mark Osborne and Craig Tulloch help Maggie attach cable to car

Brian McKellar getting ready

Mark Osborne and Scott Clydesdale have a chat

Racing commenced at 10-15am with Class V 10cc,  so with cloudy weather and no bright sunshine to make things too hot and a good clean track the girls and guys made a noise for the public to come running and see the cars, or more like a coloured blur race on the end of a steel cable.  First away of the 10 cars in the field was John Walker from Brisbane and a good speed to start the day at 325.615kph. In order of running the first round of Class V.

1) John Walker, 325.615kph. 2) Ron Clydesdale, 325.438kph. 3) David James, 330.882kph. 4) Carol James, NTR.
5) Margaret James, 328.527kph. 6) Dave Chadwick, 313.425kph. 7) Scott Clydesdale, 309.021kph.
8) Glenn Bransby, 274.473kph. 9) Mark Osborne, 320.284kph. 10) Brian McKellar, 285.125kph.

David James at the top of the time sheet followed by Maggie James and John Walker. The fastest speeds of the day were recorded in the morning round for 10cc class V. Only three cars entered for Class IV 5cc. Good to see the older Axamov cars running. My car is in pieces so I have to get new piston and liners from Igor Axamov in the next few weeks. Class IV 5cc running order. 1) David Chadwick, 174.995kph. 2) John Walker, 185.988kph. 3) Karl Sepetauc, NTR.

5cc Axamov car belonging to John Walker Another 3.5cc M Class car, owner Ron Clydesdale

Only one car in Class II 2.5cc being Ron Clydesdale and he recorded a speed of 148.711kph. We moved to Class I 1.5cc with Kevin Barker the only car to race the clock at 220.237kph. Then we moved on to the Australian class of cars and some members waited till all world class cars had their runs. 10cc Australian built class two guys entered and the same two fight it out and this time Karl Sepetauc was on his game to beat Doug Sinclair, Karl's speed recorded at 165.213kph and Doug reached 145.478kph.

More of Ron Clydesdale's cars Dave Chadwick's 5cc Axamov car

10cc C grade an all Queensland affair first on the track John Walker and his older Rossi 60 Speed ABC engine did 221.620 followed by Scott Clydesdale at 256.440kph and his father Ron Clydesdale who reached 234.925kph. Next class to run was 10cc D grade and one entry being Scott Clydesdale and his Dooling Yellow Jacket, the car reached 214.976kph.

Ron Clydesdale's Class 2 car Scott Clydesdale's really well made Dooling Yellow Jacket car

5cc B grade had four entries so the order of running was Glenn Bransby and speed of 167.957kph, Scott Clydesdale next up with his OS Max engined car running at 179.533kph then Dave Chadwick  to run at 130.104kph and lastly Doug Sinclair's speed of 167.863kph. Last class to race were the 3.5cc M class with nine cars running, the running order being.

1) Graeme Walker, car 251A, NTR. 2) Scott Clydesdale, 197.368kph. 3) Ron Clydesdale. 196.635kph 4) Doug Sinclair, car 25, 164.986kph.
5) Brian McKellar, NTR. 6) Dave Chadwick, 174.266kph.7) Graeme Walker, 166.404kph 8) Doug Sinclair, car 25A, 191.143kph 9) Dave Williams, NTR.

We stopped for lunch then went to round two and the weather stayed much the same as with most speeds in the afternoon session and we finished racing around 3pm. All the results will be on Speed Model Car in the next few days for everyone to see. Here are the placings of all classes of cars below.

Class V 10cc.

1st place David James at 330.882kph.

2nd place Maggie James at 328.527kph

3rd place, John Walker at 325.615kph.

Class IV 5cc

1st place Dave Chadwick at 283.419kph

2nd place John Walker at 185.985kph.


Class II 2.5cc.

1st Ron Clydesdale at 238.948kph.



Class I 1.5cc.

1st Kevin Barker at 230.149kph.



10cc Australian Built class

1st Karl Sepetauc at 166.497kph

2nd Doug Sinclair at 149.427kph.


10cc D grade.

1st Scott Clydesdale at 214.976kph.



5cc B grade

1st Scott Clydesdale at 179.533kph

2nd Glenn Bransby at 167.957kph

3rd Doug Sinclair at 167.863kph.

3.5cc M class.

1st Scott Clydesdale at 199.093kph

2nd Ron Clydesdale at 196.635kph.

3rd Doug Sinclair at 191.143kph.

Graeme Walker's 3.5cc M class car Dave Chadwick (above) had the only real mishap of the day,
motor came loose and damaged the gears (right).
Graeme Walker deep in thought.

I want to thank Carol James for doing the timing most of the day, Craig Tulloch for his effort as the pole man and Rick Munro and Alan Barnes for gate keepers and 3 minute timer duty. Also Wendy Sinclair for her help and making lunch for all the girls and guys on the day and Mark Osborne for chief barbeque chef at the end of proceedings, and as we sat down to have dinner and a beer or two it rained.  That is the end of the Sydney TRCAA races for 2016 and to finish the year we have the Old Timers Event for the old style cars like McCoy's and Dooling's and Aussie built cars at the end of November, again thank you to all who have helped over the past year as I have had my moments now we look forward to 2017 season.

Glenn Bransby, SSME Tether Car Section Leader.

Guys sussing out the opposition Mark Osborne Graeme Walker
John Walker Ron Clydesdale and it good to see him back Glenn Bransby

Additional photos courtesy of Scott Clydesdale

Glenn Bransby,

SSME Tether Car Section Leader.

Calendar and results from Sydney and Brisbane www.trcaa.org
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