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Glenn Bransby

Notes from Sydney, Australia


These photos are from our last running day in Sydney. To finish the year we had a barbecue lunch with me cooking Thai satay chicken, Carol and Maggie James supplying the fried rice and trifle along with Allan Douglas Barnes bringing Christmas cake.

Chicken and salad David James, Allan Barnes and Karl Sepetauc Alllan and Karl with Allan's car
Chicken on the barbie Glen the chef The dessert

Retrospective on the 2019 World Championship in Brisbane

Ando Rohtmets  New record Flag's of the attending nations Team Germany
Switzerland USA
Estonia Team Sydney Russia
Urs Bach, Christoph Rabenseifner, Sylvia Bach Michael Schmutz's 10s and Daniela's 3.5
Tiit Luman and Michael Schmutz Michael and Daniela Schmutz Tonu Sepp